Fun In Liberal World: Protests and British Marines


Would it be mean to say she is bugly? (Butt ugly) And, dude (or woman), do the names Soros, Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Nomsky, Nader, Moore, and Edwards mean anything to you?

Now, on to the British marines taken by the Iranians. How is this playing in Liberal World? I mean, George Bush is a dunce, right?

  • Bush wants the world to believe that the Iranians are persian a reckless course. As more navy ships fill up the area the gulf will only get wider between Washington and Tehran.
  • You could be right. I said 'may', by which I meant it is a possibility. I wasn't offering odds. The administration does have motivation to escalate this into a major crisis. While back in 2004 a similar incident was resolved without any problems, that was 2004, Iran was not on our immediate hit list, and the administration was riding high at home. I'm not sure we can expect the same resolution this time.
  • Tony Blair has done Bush's bidding from day one. I do not take a lot of comfort in 'they're British soldiers'


  • shit – this is all the excuse bushler will need
  • This sounds like a setup giving us the pretext to bomb Iran.
  • The Brits are really bad sailors (not about Bush, but, hey, the Left loves the military, right?)
  • oh shit, the news is going to be spinning this all the way, this is not what we need right now, now is this a distraction story? where is cheney by the way? (we have distraction, will we get timing?)
  • The attack was predicted for early April. That's when we have four carrier groups in the area.
  • SET UP!


  • OH lord…Iranians capture 15 British Marines – BE WARY Guys…This administration is in DIRE straits. ANY story about Iran aggression should be IMMEDIATELY questioned and treated as suspect…. Lord help us. This administration will take us to WW III to stop their downfall. Courage, people.(no, no, just ignore all the media reports. That brilliant GWB managed to skunk them all)
  • this administration is backed into a corner bigtime! Of course we need to be wary! For Gods sakes! They have proven they will go to any length, ANY LENGTH, ANY FUCKIN LENGTH!!
  • British Marines (and commandos) are pretty tough…I would think it would be difficult to capture just a couple, let alone 15 of them, unless it was a setup.

    Now, I can't pull up the rawstory site (all I get is a blank red screen), so I haven't read the article yet, but when I see "15 British Marines captured" in our present environment of lies and deceit, I have to be…well…"wary."

Got that? The moron from Texas has set it all up to get us into war with Iran. Liberals are so much fun when they are insane.

I bet they are thrilled that France has opened its secret UFO files.

Rusty asks "Isn't this an act of war?"

Poliblog has some in-depth reporting.

See the Counterterrorism Blog and Hot Air for much more.

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4 Responses to “Fun In Liberal World: Protests and British Marines”

  1. Reasic says:

    Thanks for the link, Teach.

  2. This is why they don’t have an empire anymore.

  3. Fersboo says:

    I thought the term was FUGLY.

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The BBC and Koran did what the Third Reich couldn’t! How soon before Ramadan will replace Christmas? How soon before the British ales and spirits are outlawed because it offends Muhammad and Allah? The Brit Royal Marines are welcomed in the 31 Red States of America so pack up and redeploy to the Greatest Superpower nation on earth – the United States of America…
    We have real beaches for you to hit and maneuver on! Devil Dogs welcome Royal Marines…OOHRAH!

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