Sideblog, She Works!!!!

I mentioned in this post about the PDA plugin about Kates Sideblog plugin. After much playing, I finally got it to work correctly sans using Widgets.

The PiratesCove theme (which is actually Laila 2.0) is Widgets compatible. However, it is just not worth the effort to configure it all so that only certain things show in the sidebar on certain pages. So, had to get it to work without the widgets.

It is really not that hard, just have to combine a couple different directions. Download the program, and follow most of the directions. However, once you get to the part about putting it on your sidebar, what you want to put in is

<?php sideblog(); ?>

Between the ( and ) insert the name of the category slug for that category. And, of course, add the html that is necessary around that little snippet of code.

How do you use it? However you want! What I am doing is using it for quick links, posts and stories I like, but am not going to write a big blog post about. Think a smaller version of Basil's Bloggrolling, or my Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, on a daily basis when I run across something. Something quick.

I have it set for 5 posts. What I will do after awhile is delete older Asides (the category I am using) posts.

Now, you might want to get at least a few hits out of anyone popping by, which happens more and more as people use PDA's. So, you need Sitemeter in the theme. I have put the code in the footer. To do this, first get your Sitemeter code. Next, open the Footer php with some sort of text editor. I use the basic Microsoft Notepad, to avoid wonky formatting. Now, right after the </p> insert the code. Save, upload, BAMM! done.

Now, if you do not like the default colors, you can open and change the CSS, which is the Style file. This is a little harder to read when you open it up, but, enjoy! Me, I like the default colors, similar to the ones I would usually use, and easy to read.

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