New Plugin: WordPress PDA

Check it out, folks. Another great plugin for your WordPress blog: the PDA Plugin.

What it does is format your WP blog for web access using PDA browsers. Check the screenshot at the plugin site.

Essentially, you are cutting out all the sidebar stuff, headers, java scripts, etc, leaving pretty much just the content. Dramatically speeds up loading, obviously, plus it eliminates CSS that can come out rather funky in a PDA browser, such as with the Journalized theme.

I have tested it using full Microsoft Windows for PDA 5.0, the Smartphone version, and the 2002 version, as well as the Palm browser. Worked extremely well.

Only thing missing is Sitemeter, but, going to work on adding that in.

And you know what you have to do to get it working? Upload it to your plugins folder, then activate it. Nothing else.

Next on the horizen is Kate's Sideblog. If you are not familiar with them, basically, it is a way to have short content in the sidebar. Say you want to give a quick shoutout to an article, post, whatever, but aren't going to write a full post. You can do a quick aside. I have almost got the coding correct for use without widgets. If you have widgets, easy as pie. However, using widgets in the PiratesCove theme, which is really the Laila 2.0 theme renamed, messes up the where and when some things show up. Like, the calendar only shows on pages other then the front page, and all the other sidebar stuff shows on the main page, not single posts, searches, etc. Too much work to bother changing coding to make it do what I want. Easier to just deal with the html.

You can see an almost finished product at my test site, PC Test. Look for where it says "Asides."

More: Jo of Jo's Cafe points out in the comments that the PDA plugin works with the Blackberry 8700. Great catch, Jo! I hadn't even thought of checking that way, and I carry the same device. Should work on all the other Crackberry's, too.

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4 Responses to “New Plugin: WordPress PDA”

  1. beth says:

    Cool!! I hate having to learn a new program – but it’ll be nice to be able to access the blogs on my Treo. Right now it takes FOREVER for them to load.

    BTW – I saw an article earlier about Blackbeard I was going to show you and now I can’t remember where it was 🙁 If I find it I’ll give you the link. It was something about finding his ship – I think….

  2. The plugin is aswesome. Plug and play.

    Blackbeards stuff is at the NC Museum of History in Raleigh, caught it on the news earlier. Going to check it out later this week. Cool, eh? They have a ton of stuff down in Beaufort, NC, but that is like a 3 hour drive, minimum.

  3. Jo says:

    You can add testing with the Blackberry. I have an 8700g and the site pulls up great. I use a different plug-in for my mobile format, but either way, now I can add you to my mobile ready sites on my BB weblist 🙂

  4. Jo's Cafe says:

    Specials of the Day 3/5…


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