Sneezy Takes Democratic Talking Points. Again

If the speaker wasn't identified, you would think it was a member of the Congressional majority party or the Netroots

Iran's president blamed the United States and Israel for the world's problems Thursday in a lecture to Sudanese officials and intellectuals during his visit to Sudan.

He urged Muslims to rally behind Iran and accused detractors of Iran's nuclear program of trying to prevent a developing country from making scientific advances.

"There is no place in the world that suffers from divisions and wars unless America or the Zionists' fingerprints are seen there," Ahmadinejad told his audience in Farsi translated into Arabic.

"Our strength and the cornerstone of the victory is in our (Muslims') unity … we have to pay attention to the devils who want to cause divisions among us," the Iranian president said.

See, all the worlds evils are the fault of America and the Jews. Kos? Kennedy?

Look, Iran, as a member of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treay has the right, according to the terms of the treay, to build a nuclear reactor, and recieve help from the primary member nations, including the United States, for power. That rarely, if ever, is brought up by the media or politicians, and, surprisingly, by Iran. But, the issue is that the reactor can be used to create weapons grade uranium. What is to be done about that?

The last thing the world needs is for Iran to be building their own nuclear weapons, much less having them. The last thing the world needs is for Iran to have weapons grade material, which can be used in dirty bombs. A country that, despite liberal apologists, has stated that they want to wipe Israel out. A country that wants to dominate, through force if necessary, the entire middle east. To be the centerpoint for the Muslim religion.

We haven't really been told what the discussions have centered around, and it would be nice to know whether the treaty obligations have been discussed, to know if Iran has blown them off. That would allow people to make a more informed decission on Iran's intentions.

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One Response to “Sneezy Takes Democratic Talking Points. Again”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Iranian President Mahmoud ‘Madinthehead’
    Ahmadinejad said the following in October
    (2005), “To those who doubt, to those who ask is it possible, or those who do not believe, I say accomplishment of a world without America (The Great Satan), and Israel (The Little Satan)is both POSSIBLE and FEASIBLE!” Sounds like Adolf Hitler in 1941, ja vol? Thank GOD they still teach U.S. history in private and parochial schools!

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