Pelosi’s First Order Of Business

You really have to love the Dems and their priorities

WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 /U.S. Newswire/ — Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on Democrats' commitment to ethics reform in the 110th Congress:

"Democrats will pursue an aggressive legislative agenda during the first days of the new Congress that serves the public interest rather than the special interests. An integral part of restoring integrity to Congress is ensuring that legislative decisions are made for the common good. The People's House should not be an auction house, with legislation being sold to the highest bidder. For that reason, the first order of business will be ethics reform.

"The American people have continued to pay the price for the Republican culture of corruption — through a complex prescription drug bill that explicitly prohibits the government from negotiating lower prices due to intense lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry and billions of dollars in giveaways for large oil companies that were already raking in record profits.

"The Democratic ethics package will break the link between lobbyists and legislation, where well-connected special interests write legislation that cost consumers more at the pharmacy and gas pump.

"The American people want greater integrity in Washington, and Democrats pledge to make this the most honest, ethical and open Congress in history."

Got that? We are at war with Muslims following the literal word of the Koran, ie, convert to Islam, become a Dhimmi, or die, and the Dems are worried about something that will never, ever, happen. Corruption in government, pork barrel politics, and lobbying are all a part of the way government works.

We would like it to not be a part of government, but, welcome to reality! You can take a bite out of it, but, people will find a way. Just ask Robert Byrd!

Furthermore, if the Dems start screwing with the oil industry, you can bet they aren't going to lose their profits. The costs will be passed on to the consumer, which involves almost every segment of the economy.

You want drug prices to come down, Nance? Chill out on the regulations for drug development and approval, which are what cause high prices, along with shyster lawyers. Just ask John Edwards. Though his area was in making the position of delivering babies be very expensive through BS lawsuits.

Of course, this policy of ethics just masks the reality of liberal/progressive doctrine: high taxes, abortion on demand, internationalism, smaller military/Intelligence/police spending, the nanny state, socialized health care, etc. Everything that doesn't play very well in Peoria.

Hot Air has more on Pelosi's Culture of Corruption.

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