Beer Monday Linkfest: Hoyer Worried About Retaliation from Pelosi

And a happy Monday to all! It's the start of the work week, and, I am betting that Steny Hoyer hopes Nancy Pelosi won't be drinking before making decisions anytime soon

Incoming House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer acknowledged yesterday that he was seeking assurances from presumptive Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she would not retaliate against his supporters after he won the No. 2 House leadership post.

Mr. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, insisted that there was "no bad blood" with Mrs. Pelosi after she publicly supported Rep. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania for the job of majority leader. Mr. Hoyer said he was confident that Mrs. Pelosi would not punish House colleagues who voted 149-86 last week to make Mr. Hoyer the majority leader when Democrats take control in January.

Woooooot! Look at the unity. Politics is a dirty business, but how nasty might the infighting be in the Democratic Party when this kind of fight ends up in the press, even if it is the Right leaning Washington Times? The Dems haven't even officially taken over the Congress, and it is slightly less then two weeks since the election.

Can you say "implosioning?"

Somehow, I do not think this represents the Steny/Nancy relationship 😉

PS: That beer is real. It was made by Carling.

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4 Responses to “Beer Monday Linkfest: Hoyer Worried About Retaliation from Pelosi”

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  2. Nobody In Here But Us Turkey Eaters…

    Someone has attempted to declare Thursday official “Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Day.”
    Now, I don’t know whose brilliant idea this was, but I have a few guesses who’s not responsible.
    It cannot be an official act of the United State…

  3. Meeting the girl of your dreams on MySpace…

    Bag of popcorn to eat on Friday night…. $3.49
    Bottle of Coke to wash down the popcorn…..$1.09
    MySpace account……..Free
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    Today’s winners are the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau and its CEO Warren “Mac” McLaughlin….

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