House Dems Say You Do Not Pay Enough For Gas

Let me get this straight: Democrats have railed at President Bush, Republicans, and the oil industry for high gas prices for years now, despite the cost being associated with apparent supply vs demand. I'm not going to delve into all he factors, except to say that the ever increasing use of oil by China is one of the big factors.

Now that gas is not that far about the price it was in the fourth quarter 2000, they want to make you pay at the pump

House Democrats are targeting billions of dollars in oil company tax breaks for quick repeal next year. A broader energy proposal that would boost alternative energy sources and conservation is expected to be put off until later.

Not that it is going to pass, but remove tax breaks, and the costs get passed on to the consumers.

If the Democrats want to do something beneficial, go for the alternative energy legislation, as well as tightening fuel economy standards, now. There is no reason that vehicles cannot get much better fuel efficiency.

But, Big Oil, along with companies such as Wal Mart, are pet peeves of the Liberals, who want to slap them around, no matter who gets hurt, which tends to be the middle and lower classes, and despite usually being invested in those same companies and industries.

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