Dems=Tax Hikes?

This goes to show, they will try!

Democrats rested on Wednesday following their victory to take over both houses of Congress. But sure enough by Thursday the calls for tax increases were put on the table by the Democrats' top economic advisor, Robert Rubin. Rubin served as Treasury Secretary in the Clinton Administration and as an advisor to failed presidential candidate John Kerry.

The decision to wait until after the elections to mention tax increases should come as a surprise to no one since Rubin suggested this exact tactic during the Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. Rubin said:

"I don't think you can make proposals to try to dig out of this hole until you've gotten elected and until you've organized effectively across both parties and both houses. If you start to put out proposals now, they would be vigorously attacked, and they would in effect become tainted so they couldn't be used." Source: Rich Miller, "Robert Rubin: Embrace Kerry," Business Week Online, 8/2/04

We warned you. We told you. Many of you listened, many of you did not.

You will soon learn that when Democrats say tax the rich, they mean anyone making over $20,000 a year.

I wonder what else they will soon reveal their true plans on?

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