Dems Defense Pledge: Will They Pay The Offense?

The Washington Post, usually the Dhimmicrats cheerleading section, band and the guy with the oversize yelling thingamabob with a donkey on it, asks "can Dems fulfill security pledge?"

Democratic leaders preparing to take control of Congress have vowed to push through a host of reforms recommended two years ago by the Sept. 11 commission, such as better port security and improved radio communications for first responders, but many of the most controversial changes are likely to face obstacles even with Capitol Hill in Democratic hands, according to experts and legislative aides.

Here's the problem: the Democrats have been complaining soley about defensive measures. Not one of them has offered any legislation on the floor of the Senate or House. And, while it would be helpful to implement most of the 9/11 panels recommendations, things like rail and ports security means the terrorist are already here! Improved radio communications means they have attacked us again!

The Democrats are like a football team that spends all its money on the defense, forgetting that offense is necessary to win the big game. Hey, the offense doesn't even have to be that good, like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, but there does have to be some, and Democrats are not interested in even using the guys who barely made junior varsity in high school.

Presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has made implementing the commission's recommendations one of the centerpieces of her "first 100 hours" legislative agenda, with particular focus on requiring radiation scans of all cargo that arrives by sea.

Other proposals include more money for rail security and hiring more Border Patrol agents and aviation screeners. Some Democrats also want to declassify intelligence agencies' budgets, improve management of terrorist watch lists, toughen regulation of chemical plants and improve privacy safeguards.

No where will you read, or hear, Democrats talking about measures such as international electronic surveillence or special operations. Nothing about human intelligence using the CIA and other services. Given the chance, they will cut those programs. They've tried in the past, and they will try again. It's their nature to play defense, ususally with the prevent (football) D.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi, who is planning, as I mentioned here, to sideline hawkish Democratic members.

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