Rove’s The Big Loser (WTF?)

I don't remember the media discussing this about Democratic architects after they lost, well, most everything over the past 20+ years

In January, Karl Rove, the president’s chief political strategist, gave a speech that epitomized his breezy confidence about the future for the party. Republicans had gone from being “a minority party with little influence to one that is broad and inclusive, self-assured and optimistic, forward-leaning and dominant.”

That speech now seems sepia tinted. The mood of the party is instead pessimistic, defensive and lacking in confidence. The congressional losses mark the most serious political defeat for the man who was the architect of two presidential election victories. Will Mr Rove’s reputation as a peerless strategist survive it?

Gee, he lost one election, he wasn't the one completely in charge of it, and his job is really for the President, not the GOP. One midterm loss of the Congress, barely in the Senate, in the 6th year of a presidency, is not all that bad.

Compared to the losses that all the Democratic strategists have had, this is minor. Remember the completely incompetent Susan Estrich and Michael Dukakis?

Let's keep a little perspective here, Big Media.

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