WTW: Dems Win The House, Maybe Senate

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. And I just want to offer congratulations to the Democrats. They now control the House, and may just barely get the Senate. Have to wait on the Senate races in Virginia between All/Webb and Burns/Tester.

So, now what? What will you do?

"It's a great night for Democrats, it's a great night for America," Sen. Charles Schumer, head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told supporters at the Hyatt in Washington around midnight as Democrats celebrated their wins. "We will tell you and all of America, not only can we do better, but we will do better."

We'll just have to see, Chuck. You and the rest of the Democrats haven't offered anything during the past six years, and, more importantly, nothing since 9/11.

Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, vowed Democrats would reach across the "partisan divide" and set aside the "bitterness of the last few years," adding that his party would extend the hand of cooperation to the Bush White House.

"You have given us a chance to turn this country around and we'll give you a government that no longer lets you down," Emanuel told supporters.

President Bush tried to reach across the aisle many times. Democrats refused. And you should really follow Nancy Pelosi's history. You will realize that she gets along with anyone that listens and follows her view. Otherwise……

Of course, they do believe that the USA is broken, and will try and fix it. That means

  1. raising taxes,
  2. overturning legislation that requires parental notification when a third party transports a minor girl across state lines for an abortion,
  3. legislation for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research
  4. nationalized health care
  5. massive social causes spending
  6. cancelling the Patriot Act
  7. reducing spending for the military and intelligence services
  8. stopping the terrorist surveillence program
  9. legalizing gay marriage

Now, none of that will come to pass. The Democrats do not have the votes to override Bush's vetos.

What will happen

  1. no movement on stopping illegal immigration
  2. no Bills on protecting America's ports and mass transportation, despite years of complaints on that subject
  3. constant impeachment hearings on a wide range of subjects-Iraq, 9/11, the whole global war on terror, etc. You name it, they will investigate it. They won't call it impeachment to start, but, give them till next July.
  4. multiple attempts to force a withdrawl from Iraq, mostly from two sources – passing legislation in the House (it will be interesting to see how many Dems really are Surrender Monkeys now that they are in the majority) and refusing to pass spending bills for Iraq.
  5. reduced spending for the military and intelligence,
  6. a big drop in the stock market, and financial turmoil within the USA,
  7. attempts to force one on one talks with Iran, North Korea, and terrorist groups,
  8. did I mention the constant hearings heading towards impeachment?

The Republicans at the national level made their own bed, and now the rest of us have to lie in it. They should have backed the President, instead of blowing with the wind. By staying away from the President, and not having his back, they disappointed the base and gave independents they idea that they were scared.

They should have attacked the Democrats back. This includes President Bush attacking. You do not win the war of words by staying quiet.

The GOP has two years to get its act together, and respond to the base, to take it to the democrats, and to show the American people that their ideas are better.

And you will not have 2 years, or even 2 weeks, of Republicans complaining about fraud.

The only bad thing I will say is that the Republicans really f*cked up the chance to get more Conservatives/strict constructionists on the Supreme Court, if someone retires.

Hmm, looks like Democrats are already continuing their insults towards people who take their religions seriously. Rather disappointing. If a moderate Dem is acting like that, imagine what the hard left ones will do.

  • Hot Air on the new age of peace and prosperity (warning: Nancy Pelosi video). Allahpundit is correct: the next two years can be fun for Conservative pundits.
  • Michelle Malkin won't need PEST therapy. Nor will most conservatives, who will just go on with their lives, without becoming unhinged.
  • Moonbattery on a Muslim extremist being elected to Congress.
  • RightWing NutHouse on the surprising civility from the Left.
  • Wizbang on "The Donkey's Paw"
  • Greta has a photo of Nancy's makeover and new hair do.
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4 Responses to “WTW: Dems Win The House, Maybe Senate”

  1. […] ***** Our right-leaning friends from Pirate’s Cove are on a bit of a tirade; reference this post as an attack on those who take their religions seriously. That wasn’t exactly my point (it was more of a “tongue-in-cheek” potshot at the “Ted Haggards” and “Mark Foleys” of the country), but I can see how it could be taken that way. On any account; thankful as always for the links. Technorati Tags:  2006, 2008, Bush, Congress, Current Events, Democrats, Elections, Headlines, House, Howard Dean, Independents, Iraq, James Allen, James Webb, Joe Lieberman, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, Mid Terms, Nancy Pelosi, News, News and Politics, Politicians, Politics, Republicans, Senate, Third Parties […]

  2. Carl says:

    One word for the next couple of years: gridlock.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Happy days are here !!

  4. Gridlock would not be bad at all.

    ‘Cepting in the war on terror

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