Beer Monday Alchoholic Kool Aid

And a happy one day before the midterms Monday. It appears that Dingy Harry and "Drapes" Pelosi were drinking spiked kool aid before they released talking points on Saddam Hussein's conviction.

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First, let's look at a good PR on Hussein from Speaker Hastert

"Today is a historic day for the Iraqi people — a court of law under due process has found Saddam Hussein guilty for his crimes against the Iraqi people. Hussein has come a long way from torturing and killing his own people to hiding in a hole in the ground to experiencing the very rights he denied his fellow citizens.

"In the face of enormous pressure, the new Iraqi democracy has taken yet another giant step forward to be a responsible member of the world community. I commend the brave Iraqis who never thought they would see this day and to the courageous men and women of the United States Armed Services who have made this possible."

Positive, upbeat, encouraging.

Now, Pelosi

"The Iraqi people are to be commended for bringing Saddam to justice in an Iraqi court. I commend our brave American troops in Iraq as well, for the trial could not have taken place without the security and logistical support they provided.

"Unfortunately, the verdict is a solitary incident in a country wracked by sectarian violence and instability. Saddam's conviction and sentencing for the crimes he committed against his own people in the 1980s were expected. It remains to be seen whether the results of the trial will have any effect in ending the civil war that now engulfs Iraq.

"Nearly three years after Saddam's capture, the U.S. Central Command said that Iraq is near chaos. That is clear evidence of the lack of progress in bringing security to Iraq and bringing American troops home.

"The failure of President Bush and his Administration to have a plan in place before the war started to complete the mission successfully was a disservice to our troops, and has come at a huge cost in casualties suffered, the degradation of our military's readiness and in hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. The scope of that failure is not lessened by the results of Saddam's trial."

Depressing, downbeat, and uninspriring for the Coalition forces and the Iraqi's. This is also a smear on the US, and Coalition, troops. Who exactly does she think does the work over there? Does she think that W or Puppet Master Cheney control every action of every member of the military, down to the lowest recruit?

Reid takes the same tact

"Today, the Iraqi people received the justice they long deserved. Saddam Hussein was a brutal tyrant who brought nothing but fear and oppression to millions. Hopefully, this verdict will be an important part of healing the deep wounds he inflicted on his own country.

"How much the verdict and sentence will affect the course of the war remains to be seen. It is clear, however, that more than three and a half years after the invasion, Iraq has descended into a civil war.

"The Iraqis have traded a dictator for chaos. Neither option is acceptable, especially when it is our troops who are caught in the middle.

"We have seen milestones pass in Iraq before, with no lasting signs of progress. If today's sentencing is to be any different, we need to take a new direction in Iraq. On this day of justice for the Iraqi people, President Bush must explain to the American people how he intends to change course, so that our troops will finally have a strategy to complete the mission, Iraqis will finally have a plan to restore order to their country, and the mission can finally be accomplished."

I guess it is just no possible for the Congressional leaders for the Democratic Party to just be positive and offer words to inspire. Is it any wonder why they are call the Defeatocratic Party?

Apparently, electing leaders and developing a constitution means zero to Reid. It is also drunken to note that Harry is asking Bush for a plan, yet the Democrats have offered none in the three years that the Iraqi operations have been going on.

If it was a civil war, don't you think that we would have seen serious violence after the verdict?

Vote GOP for a positive future.

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  1. John Ryan says:

    violence has been pretty bad there it certainly hasn’t lessened

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