Crap. New Theme Waste of Time

Spent a couple hours working on the PiratesX theme, and it doesn't work worth a crap in Internet Explorer. Wonderful in Firefox. But not IE.

Was trying to have a nice single sidebar theme other then WordPress Default.

Oh, well. You can check it out in the theme switch area briefly till I frag it.

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7 Responses to “Crap. New Theme Waste of Time”

  1. Jo says:

    I have IE7 and all three themes available on the switch look great!

  2. woops, forgot to turn it back on 🙂

  3. Jo says:

    Okay, now I see it — but this comments pop-up; well I’d redo it, hard to read the font. It did take a while to load, not as fast as the others; but IE7 handled it just fine.

  4. I’m actually going to frag the whole them shortly. It takes forever to load, and, it gets real choppy when scrolling using IE. Same thing happens with the original theme where I got it.

    It’s a shame, cause it is a really nice single sidebar theme.

    Preciate the feedback, Jo!

  5. linda says:

    Loads okay for me and I like the looks of it.

  6. Were you looking at the theme in IE, Linda? If so, what version? I get these little freezes using IE for that theme.

  7. linda says:

    I may not be a good person to ask since I have dial-up and everything takes forever! I tried it on Firefox and IE and Firefox was slower. I don’t have the newer version of IE.

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