Nance Pelosi Surfaces. Sort Of

Bet you didn't know she told me I could call her Nance, did you? Well, Nance was nice enough to drop a few complaints on the newswires, here, here, and here.

"While we are glad there is some good news for the American people, this jobs report does not fundamentally change the fact that President Bush's handling of the economy is not good for America's middle-income families.

"The president has the worst jobs record since the Great Depression, and the economy is slowing due to the housing slump. The budget and trade deficits as well as public debt levels have all climbed to record levels.

"Millions of Americans are working hard and are unable to get ahead. For the first time in generations, parents worry that their children will not be better off than they are. Working families are being squeezed as their earnings do not meet their needs.

"Democrats are offering a new direction for America that will provide real tax relief to middle-income families, spur economic growth that will produce good paying American jobs, and we will do it in a fiscally responsible way. And Democrats will ensure that strong economic growth benefits all Americans, not just the privileged few."

And that new direction would be taken how, exactly, Nance? You ideas and plans are……?

And, from the middle link

"The decision to put nuclear weapons information on a government Web site accessible to anyone in the world is a serious security breach, even for an administration that has failed to make restricting the proliferation of nuclear technology a priority. Whoever authorized putting partisan political considerations above national security in this instance must be held accountable."

Yes, I'm sure President Bush, Darth Rove, or Puppetmaster Cheney specifically put those documents out on the web just so that the NY Times could find them, try and smean Bush, and blow the Democratic "no WMD!" talking point for the past 3 years.

So, who are you voting for?

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  1. nettie says:

    Aaah! My burning eyes!

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