Why Extremist Muslims Are Not Extremist

Interestingly, with the whole Dean "whoring for traffic" Esmay kerfuffle going on, I caught the tail end of an interview with some gentleman on WPTF-680 in Raleigh who is an Islamic scholar discussing what Islam wants to do. To paraphrase him, he said that the "extremist" Muslims believe in the Koran to the letter, and that it says that people can either convert to Islam, live as 2nd class citizens (dihmmi's), or be killed.

Faith Freedom writes:

The Islamic demand that Muslim apostates be killed raises a glaring contradiction between the rights that Islam reserves for itself and those it denies to other faiths. From its beginnings, Islam established itself as a world force by converting others, whether by force or persuasion. The right to convert others is taken directly from the Koran, which exhorts Muslims to fight non-Muslims until Islam is supreme (Surah 2:193 and 9:33). Those who did not convert could stay alive provided they agreed to live as "dhimmi" or second class citizens, with severe restrictions and upon payment of special taxes. Those who could no longer take the humiliation or pay the taxes, often accepted Islam – proof enough for Islam of its power. Islam also made it quite clear that any non-Muslim daring to try to convert Muslims was to be killed. In Saudi Arabia , to this day, new converts are publicly feted and financially rewarded to show the power of Islam. In the west, especially Europe , Islam actively seeks converts among non-Muslims – this is part of the reason for Islam's claim of being the fastest growing faith in the West. Two of its more infamous converts being Richard Reid, of shoe-bomber fame (recruited while in prison) and John Walker Lindh who was converted through a local mosque in California .

That is what the Islamic "extremists" want to happen. That is what Islamic "extremists" try to make happen.

Since that is the case, and they are simply following the word of the Koran, why are they "extremists?" They are simply following the Word as handed down by Mohammed.

Calling those who do not follow that way moderates would be a misnomer, as is calling the violent, murderous, just following the Koran Muslims extremist.

So, what do we call those "moderates?" Dihmmi's? Infidels? Radicals? Impious? Secular? Of that, I am not sure.

But, one thing I do know. I will no longer refer to the violent, murderous, just following the Koran ones as extremists. Because they aren't. They are the true Muslims.

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5 Responses to “Why Extremist Muslims Are Not Extremist”

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m right there with you Teach. You can’t coat these people in a layer of sugar and expect everything to be fine. They are evil; brainwashed and evil. I’d rather be in a dark alley with Charles Manson, he doesn’t hide the monster within.

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention….

  3. I was kinda amazed when I heard the Professor talking about this, and it just hit me that the nutjobs are not extremist, but just doing what their religion tells them too.

  4. […] She just reinforces my notion that those that are called "radical muslims" are, in fact, the mainstream, just following what the Quaran states. […]

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