Talk about the Democratic Party?

A question I have been asking lately on political forums is "why doesn’t the Left ever talk about the Democratic Party in a positive light?" They rarely mention the Dems, they rarely have anything nice to say, and they never mention any plans or ideas. Visit the DU, virtually nothing for either three. How about the top three Leftist blogs, Kos, Eschaton, and Talking Points Memo, and you will rarely see anything that talks about the Dems in a positive light. When anything Democrat is mentioned, it is primarily done in terms of being against something GOP/Bush.

Peruse the largest Democrat blog, the Daily Kos, and you will find posts that have nothing to do with any sort of Democratic ideas or plans. I have almost never seen anything complimentary towards Democrats, aside from them being a sidebar to being anti Bush/GOP. When discussing, say, Social Security, I have yet to see any real plans to counter President Bush’s. I even had this to say over at American Warmonger:

From all my perusing of dem sites, blogs, DU, Congressional homepages, etc, the "ideas" boil down to:
1. raise taxes. So, lets take more money away from people now that they cannot do something with to plan for their retirement.
2. raise the retirement age. They cannot really explain how this can do more then be a temporary fix, or a fix at all.
3. raise the earnings rate for to above $80k, but don’t give those people any of the money
4. Complain
5. obstruct.
6. whine.

If I remember correctly, the Dems didn’t like Clinton’s plan all that much, either. Less money for the Gov, specifically Dems, if they ever regain power, to spend out of that money collected.

None of them offer anything substantive. And I dare them to prove me wrong.

There are no follow up comments to rebutt what I wrote. And that pretty much applies to everything. Taxes. Border control. The War on Terror.

One of the replies I and my fellow Right Wingers are often give is "I’m not the President." True, you aren’t. Neither am I. Still and all, I have ideas. I have thoughts. I have posted some of them here, on other blogs, and on forums. One of my biggest pet peeves is that, if your are going to offer critisism, offer a better way to do something.

So, stating that, I would recommend that, if the Lefty web sites want to spend 90% or more of their time critizing Bush and Co., offer something better for a plan. Don’t like Bolton? Offer up someone better. Tell me why. How about saying some nice stuff about a Democrativ Representative or Senator without mentioning Bush or anything or anyone GOP. I know it won’t happen, but I challenge the Left anyhow.

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3 Responses to “Talk about the Democratic Party?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Scary enough as this sounds, Clinton would be a better candidate than Bolton. Many believe he’s next in line for the U.N. throne and this would be a direct stepping stone into that position.


    I don’t believe I just said that? I must have been posessed by a democrat that doesn’t want anyone to know they have the ability of free will. I feel used.

  2. Well, I don’t disagree that Clinton could do a good job. I’ve never been a big Clinton hater, even voted for him. I do not think Bolton will do a bad job, but he can be a bit scary when it comes to diplomatic niceties. If he was in the private sector, he would probably be considered a great CEO.

  3. I’m not exactly a huge Clinton fan, but he’s still American, and despite his links to the current-day Democratic Party, still more Pro-United-States than 85 percent of the people who work in any sort of important capacity for the United Nations. So while I’d prefer Bolton and his Walrus-dom, the idea of Bill Clinton as ambassador really isn’t that terrible.

    Plus, he could probably score points with Lebanese Chicks.

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