Air Deadbeat, again

So, I was listening to local talk on WPTF-680 this afternoon, and Bill LuMaye was discussing Air America Deadbeat and why they, quite frankly, suck. Why they cannot compete. Something I mentioned a few weeks ago, in regards to their ratings. Michelle Malkin mentioned this, as well, yesterday with a post entitled "WHY does Air America Suck?" Air Deadbeat is 24th in ratings in New York City, lower then the ratings that the all Caribbean format it replaced.

Well, I can explain it very simply. Libs do not want to listen to it. They would much rather listen to Rush, Hannity, Boortz, etc. That way they get their daily seething, or, as they call it, their "repug talking points." Go on Kos, the DU, or any other lefty site, and see how often they quote or mention Air Deadbeat to how often they quote or mention Right Wing radio personalities. It is really that simple.

Now, you can add in some other minor points, like the personalities on AD are boring. Al Franken is no longer funny. He is patronizing and irreverent. He cannot speak well. Lots of uh’s, ah’s, umm’s, as well as random snorts and chuckles for no reason. He used to be funny way back in the 70’s on Saturday Night Live. No longer.

And, the whole thing about 50 some odd stations? Too bad most only carry snippets of AD. The local Chapel Hill station only carries 2 hours of AD. That would be 2 hours of Frankens midday show. They do not even carry the whole 3 hours. They cut away for more localized programming. Even in a bastion of Liberalism such as Chapel Hill, AD cannot catch a break. It cannot even be heard less then 30 miles away in Raleigh.

Heck, I have tried to pick it up when I fly into Newark. Could even find the station. They are hemorrhaging cash, their ratings stink, and they do not understand that radio stays in business through advertising revenue. Something that they cannot do. Nor can they broadcast in LA or Chicago, the nations #2 and #3 radio markets. Bwahahahahha!

So, unless someone else gives them money, you can kiss them goodbye within then year.

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5 Responses to “Air Deadbeat, again”

  1. JulieB says:

    I’ve only heard Al Franken once, quite awhle ago. I don’t know anything about Air America, since I listen mostly to the local PBS station. I really dislike Rush and don’t listen to him. I used to commute with a Right Wing sort of person, we had great “discussions” in the car on the way back and forth to work (hour and a half each way). He would turn on Rush and we would talk about it. I haven’t listened to it since then.
    I would much rather talk about what I am FOR than what I am AGAINST. I am for decent wages for workers, I am for affordable healthcare, I am for equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, religion, or gender. I am for… well you get my drift.

  2. Ogre says:

    JulieB points out another reason Air America is having a lot of trouble — they are trying to compete with government (PBS) which is a big no-no as far as government is concerned.

  3. Yup. JulieB is truly an old style Democrat. There are lots of them out there, and for them, I try not to denigrate their beliefs. But the message of AD tries to feed the DU/MoveOn style dems. They don’t want to hear it, though. They gotta seethe.

  4. GunTrash says:

    I wonder if we’ll see the term “Frankengate”?

  5. Larry Rasczak says:

    I agree with you that AA is both silly and doomed.

    One quick point though. When I was over in the Mid East last, (Army Reserve) I checked the callendar for who was going to be in the next USO show. My jaw dropped when I saw that it was no other than AL FRANKEN!! I called the USO office and said “Is that the Al Franken that is the big liberal Democrat?” “Yes” I was told. “He is one of our best performers. He’s been over here several times.”

    I did some more digging, and it is true. Al Franken has made several trips to the Persian Gulf to entertain the troops. He was in Iraq earlier this year, and his act included wearing a trash can lid on his chest as body armor. The troops loved it.

    So before we judge Franken to harshly lets give credit where it is due. Franken has given of his time and has actually been to Iraq and Qatar and Kuwait. To the best of my knowledge neither Bill O’Rilley, Michelle Malkin, nor most (any?) of the other Franken critics have left their comfortable apartments and expensive New York resturants to entertain our troops.

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