5 Questions Meme: Tom responds

Buckley F Williams from The Nose on Your Face responds to the nefarious 5 Questions meme. Here were my questions:

  1. The War on Terror: which country is next on the hit list, and why?
  2. You have 5 minutes alone with Scott Peterson. What happens?
  3. Do you ever check the pro-dem ads that show up in the Google ads box for a laugh?
  4. What is your favorite tv show/movie, and why?
  5. Can you describe the nose on your face?

Go here to read his answers. I have asked 3 people so far, I will ask 2 more if anyone else wants to play. Scroll down a bit to to see the rules, or read them The Nose on Your Face.

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One Response to “5 Questions Meme: Tom responds”

  1. jody says:

    Okay Okay, since I told Beth that I’d get interviewed there, I might as well be interviewed by the original theif of the concept right? As long as there are no underwear questions. 😉

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