Let’s listen to the commie’s

From Malta Today comes an interview with Francesco Paternò, the editorial director of Il Manifesto and a colleague and friend of journalist Giuliana Sgrena. Woopie. Another anti-American rant. She will apparently not be going back to Iraq, nor will any other Commie Il Manifesto reporter because “in Iraq there are no longer the circumstances to conduct proper
journalism due to the ongoing war, and all journalists are considered
as US spies.” Could be a bad translation in the English version. I will assume that it was meant to mean that all journalists are considered by the US to be spies. Maybe.

He also corrects interpretations of Sgrena’s declaration that the
American attack which led to the Calipari’s death was indeed “an
ambush”. Paternò replies that Sgrena was not saying that the US troops
wanted to kill her but that the dynamics of the attack were those of an
ambush. He insists that the US government has a lot to answer for.

In other words, Sgrena and Il Manifesto are trying to get their shit together after so many disparite comments, quotes, and assertions by Sgrena. At this point, her story is so all over the place that it is hard to know what she believes is true. There is what happened and then there is spin. She is purely spinning.

“The version given by Berlusconi and the Italian government is
different from that given by the US authorities. In these circumstances
the least we expect from the US authorities is at least to say sorry.
The appointment of a commission to investigate this incident is the
least the Americans can do.” Paternò insists that the Americans were
informed that a car carrying Giuliana was on the way to the airport and
this shows that “something went wrong.”

Say "sorry?" For what? Because Sgrena says that we did wrong? If there is proof that we did, yes, we should say we are sorry. Kinda hard to respond and apologize to someone when her story is all over the place and contradictory at times. She is a nobody who hates the US and loves terrorists.

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3 Responses to “Let’s listen to the commie’s”

  1. JulieB says:

    Well, 1st, I think the translation is correct. I do suspect that journalists in Iraq are considered to be US spies. Some may be, but I’ve heard the accusation in other places.
    2nd, the U.S. has already apologized for what happened. That doesn’t mean that “fault” can be placed anywhere, we have just said that we are sorry that she was injured and he was killed. It is a war zone, such things happen.
    Of course the versions are different. There are always at least two sides to any incident. An Iraqi bystander would have a different interpretation than either the American or the Italian version, simply because they have different background information.

  2. abi rhodes says:

    Try to use apostrophes correctly. There shouldn’t be one in ‘commies.’
    It might give you slightly more credibility.

  3. No one’s perfect, Abi. Even us commies haters 😉

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