Ransom Paid For Sgrena?

According to an AP report:

Asked whether ransom was paid, Agriculture
Minister Giovanni Alemanno said it was "very probable." An Iraqi
politician, Younadem Kana, said he had "nonofficial" information that
$1 million was paid, Italy’s Apcom news agency reported, although that
could not be confirmed.

Give the terrorists what they want. Capitulate. Bad move. As well as putting money in their coffers which can be used to kill Italian troops.

There are also 2 interesting points to this report

  1. Sgrena is not a Leftist. She does not work for a left leaning paper. By her own admission, she is a communist, and works for a communist paper. Not Socialist. Communist.
  2. Notably absent from CNN’s version is any mention of the possible ransom paid. FoxNews has it. MSNBC does (wisely, they seem to be moving slooowwwwllyyyy to the Right). Yet CNN, which is hemoraging viewers, chooses to cut that paragraph.

The AP, al Reuters, CNN, etc, seem to be taking a pro Sgrena/Anti-American stance, not unexpected, of course. How about a little bit of unbiased journalism? They automatically are saying that the US Military was wrong. It will be interesting to see if the troops had some sort of video camera at that check point, or visual evidence to completely refute Sgrena’s assertions.

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