Thanks, Spain. A**holes.

You would think that this would be, at the least, a somewhat important story, or at least one that is mentioned:

A suspect in the Madrid train bombings was
found to possess a sketch and technical details about Grand Central
Station in New York, a report said Wednesday.

The sketch and
data were on a computer disk seized about two weeks after the March 11
train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people last year, the
newspaper El Mundo said.

Spanish police
turned the disk over to the U.S. agents from the FBI and CIA in
December once they understood the scope of the technical data, the
report said.

So the Spaniards held on to the information over half a year. Great. Thanks. According to the "Spanish and US authorities" it isn’t very credible. How about letting us know on a timely basis, and letting us decide, rather then, again, sitting on the information for over half a year? Would that be to much to ask? How about we cut of the olive import business? See how you like them apples. European countries complain about the US cooperating with them, how about showing some reciprocity. Azzholes.

Amazingly, after hearing about this on FoxNews this am, I went searching for the story. CNN? Nope. MSNBC? Nope. NYTimes, Washington Post and Times, any of the big media sources? Nope. There was an AP report, but I had to find it in a small paper, the Philly Burbs. Thanks, PB.

Some updates: Finally, Foxnews has a story on their website, as do CNN and MSNBC. Fox and MSNBC seems to be a bit more detailed in terms of what was found. From Fox:

A suspect in last year’s March 11 Madrid train bombings had a sketch and technical details about Grand Central Terminal in New York City but U.S. officials said Wednesday there was no immediate threat to the famous railroad station.



sketch and data were on a computer disk seized about two weeks after
the train bombings that killed 191 people last year, the Spanish
newspaper El Mundo first reported.

That is not mentioned in CNN’s story. CNN’s is entitled "Authorities: no evidence of a plot." MSNBC’s does mention the data is a bit more alarmist. And, while all 3 tend say that authorities are not worried about the information, they miss the point that the Spanish government kept the information to themselves for over half a year. Give us the information. Let us decide. I repeat: assholes.

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4 Responses to “Thanks, Spain. A**holes.”

  1. Ogre says:

    Hey, are you profiling? 😉

  2. Maggie says:

    The MSM approved of Spain’s withdrawal of troops…now it doesn’t want to face the facts of this story.

    It is just another example that Spain doesn’t give a damn about Americans. Wonder how many journalists/tv reporters pass through Grand Central Station on any given day?

  3. DC says:

    Will the last dude out of Europe with any brains or gonads please turn out the lights?

  4. Only one left is Tony Blair.

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