4 1/2 Hours of Being Out of Touch

This is truly great. For 4 1/2 hours today, Senate Democrats will line up with their anti-war rants. Today, the Senate meets for 9 hours, half the time to each Party. And, sure, they are entitled to their opinions. But, first, is this the time and place? The meeting is supposed to be about Dr. Rice’s confirmation as Secretary of State. Demorats have had their chance to push their policies, and lost back on November 2nd.

Second, they are trotting up the Boxer and the Byrd for hour long speeches. How out of touch can the Dems be? Pretty far. By all means, lets trot up Robert Byrd, a former Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan to bloviate against a black woman. That should resonate well with the American People. An affirmed racist seems to be the best that the "party of the People" has to offer. Will he make it through without saying something controversial and insulting?

An interesting question will be how the media handles this. Most stories have avoided the fact that Byrd is a former high ranking Klan member, as well as his previous racist statements, such as here and here. Even Fox News has used the same AP story, though in much longer detail. After the day is done, will the MSM’s still avoid Byrd’s racist background?

Were Condi a Democrat, with the GOP attacking her, would the Dems and the media not be pitching a fit? Apparently, sexism and racism are only allowed if it is the Democrats doing the attacking. But, HEY, I like this idea of allowing Boxer and Byrd to pontificate and bloviate for an hour each. The media will only be able to hide the democrats hypocrisy so much. All the better to weaken the control of the Democrats and let them show their true colors. What else can we expect from a party that nominates an admitted war criminal and man who consorts with the enemy?

The treatment from the Left regarding Dr. Rice is downright despicable. Finding the Ted Rall comic has proven challenging, and, so far, fruitless. All previous links are no longer functional. However, if you want a perfect example of the way the Left treats her, click on read more (Warning: graphic overtones and nudity)

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Beachball_1 You can find more here. Do I need to even comment more?

PS. I shrunk the photo down, so that anyone coming right here has the choice of looking at what a Leftwinger has done.

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3 Responses to “4 1/2 Hours of Being Out of Touch”

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  2. Ogre says:

    Indeed, you’re spot on. Were this Republicans, every headline would read, “Former Grand Wizard of the Klan blasts blacks.”

  3. cannot wait to see how the news spins it. Or even mentions it.

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