Weasel in Hiding

Seems that one of Saddam’s lawyers is in hiding:

An Iraqi lawyer on Saddam Hussein’s defense team has received several death threats in the last three weeks and has gone into hiding, the chief defense attorney for the deposed Iraqi leader said Monday.

Khalil al-Duleimi, one of 25 attorneys representing Saddam, told other lawyers on the team that the threats followed his Dec. 16 meeting with the ousted Iraqi leader, according to chief defense attorney Ziad al-Khasawneh.

What did he expect, taking a job to represent one of the most brutal men on the face of the earth? Especially being an Iraqi citizen. Oh, wait, I forgot, Saddam was a great guy, all hugs and kisses. He never did anything bad, right? It has got to be about the oil, correct?

Saddam’s legal team regards the interim Iraqi government as an "illegitimate" body installed by the United States following what they say was an illegal war aimed to control the country’s oil wealth.

So, the lawyers for a deranged mass murderer have taken the same line as Howard Dean and the barking moonbats. Nice ideas the Left have given them, eh?

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