Incredible Tsunami Photo’s

The following satellite photos came from Digital Globe, and all rights are assigned to them. Any copying or linking should give them the credit, and should be spelled out specifically. Saw the photos on Fox News at 1pm.

Before: Srilanka_kalutara_beach_jan1_2004_dg            

Water going out: Srilanka_kalutara_beach_dec26_2004_dg Srilanka_kalutara_beach2_dec26_2004_dg


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4 Responses to “Incredible Tsunami Photo’s”

  1. MissPatriot says:

    That is so strange looking. I’d never have guessed that a tidal wave was coming by looking at those picts. I’d have assumed the tide was out.

    That last picture is odd. The waves near the shore kind of look like a coiled up serpent.

    How utterly sad.

  2. Chase says:

    Nothing like the last hurricane I sat there and video taped. damn

  3. the most incredible part is in the 3rd picture: they figure that the ocean had receded around a half mile or more.

  4. Shrikant says:

    It’s Horrible.

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