How Many More Recounts Necessary?

Ohio has finished yet another recount, which has so far cost Ohio $1.5 million dollars. Kerry has gained a whopping 300 votes, so all he needs now is 118,458 more to win. If the Demorats (and do not even try and pull that "it is the Green and Libertarian parties that are behind the recounts) keep it up, they should be able to get their way during the 343 recount, somewhere around the first tuesday in November, 2008.

When will this end? When will it be enough to convince the Dems to move on? They have no viable evidence beyond their feelings and innuendo. Standing in line for a long time (in Democratic precincts no less!) is not proof of fraud.

A group of voters citing fraud have challenged the election results with the Ohio Supreme Court. The voters, supported by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, have cited irregularities including long lines, a shortage of voting machines in minority precincts and problems with computer equipment.

And that occured primarily in Democratic precincts. Where was Jesse during the election? Getting ready to be slapped with another paternity suit?

There are many Dems out there who are being realistic, and understand the need to move on. Without patronizing them, I applaud them. This is absurd, though (and it is also not from a Democrat)

"The intention was always to verify whether there were anomalies in the voting process," said Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik. "The purpose of the recount was not to change the outcome."

Maybe we should force Badnarik and the Libertarians to cough up the $1.5 million for forcing recount after recount with no proof of wrong doing. As Captain Ed has written, it works out to $5000 for each of the votes that Kerry has picked up.

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One Response to “How Many More Recounts Necessary?”

  1. the Pirate says:

    Well only 395 recounts left for a Kerry Victory if they can can keep a 300 vote pick up average. In Washington they only took 2 recounts to find the 300 votes required to win. Which raises the question, why do democrats screw ther ballots up more often?

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