Great Anti UN Rant

I hope Miss Patriot will forgive my use of the word rant, because everything she says is legit to the max. Go. Read. Now. Here.

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5 Responses to “Great Anti UN Rant”

  1. anonymoses says:

    Mr. Teach,

    I was surprised to see the reason for your calling the blog, “Pirate’s Cove”. I had assumed that you were a relative of Edward Teach, or the one they call “Blackbeard”…who lived on the coast of NC, and who is a distant relative, by marriage…although the name had been changed from Teach to Thach.

    Regarding the UN…if there wasn’t one, we’d have to invent one. Supranational systems are, I believe, a necessary reality. I bet the folks in harm’s way are appreciative of the UN.


  2. the Pirate says:

    Appreciative of the UN?, Well depends on which folks you ask.

  3. MissPatriot says:

    Awww, thanks William ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is a rant! Heh! If the UN had some accountability I may feel a little bit different about them. As it is now, there are no checks and balances. It’s corrupt to the core. They severely lack common sense and it drives me crazy. It makes me want to wring their necks. And to think our hard earned money is padding their wallets. *barf*

    I’d love to go in there and sanitize the place and make it really productive. I think it could have been, at one time, a useful institution. They’ve shown though that they are useless. Just look at Sudan. Grrrr

  4. Dave, I agree on the point that if there wasn’t a UN, we would have to invent one. The problem is that todays UN is more worthless then the old League of Nations. I would like to see it disbanded and start again. At one time they were a decent, mostly upstanding org. Now they are a crime ridden one, composed of thugs and thieves, and seem to serve the interests of anyone who is anti american.

    Like the Pirate, though, I disagree on folks who are in harms way being appreciative.

  5. the Pirate says:

    Accountibility would be a huge step. Do something about Sudan and condemn them for whats happening in their country rather than make them head of the Human Rights Comission.

    Ever see the film ‘No Man’s Land’?

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