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Chilling out in New Jersey with the ‘rentals for a few days, posting will be light, though I did finally figure out how to reset my wireless router so that I could hook it up to my mom’s broadband connection. I doubt if the TSA was real happy when they saw it in my bags when they were X-rayed at the airport, but I was wise and made it easy for them to access and see. Good thing I wasn’t flying to Cleveland: all flights were canceled on Friday, at least on Continental.

Anyone out there just get a new PC for Christmas? You might want to read this AP story. Also, might want to take a look at the bottom half of this post of mine. G’day, Maties!

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3 Responses to “Light Posting”

  1. JulieB says:

    Well, I read the top half of the recommended post instead bottom half. True, I’ve never been good at following directions, obedience never being a strong suit. So, in the top part you are talking about “feeds”. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so now I’ll go figure out how that works. Thanks for the info!
    Oh, I didn’t read the part about viruses because my son works for MacAfee. He had been in business support, but has now moved to R&D on new products. Anhyhow, he makes sure his mom’s laptop always has the latest and greatest. Great kid!
    P.S. also have wireless router and DSL. Never thought to take it with me last time I traveled. Probably good thing, since I got endless hassle over an expired drivers license, the router might have pushed them over the edge.
    I think most of the blogeshere has lapsed into a turkey induced tryptophan coma. It’s OK, ‘cept its raining here and I wish to be outside with the horse instead of inside with the dirty laundry.
    Travel safe.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I’m using the cable type router/firewall from Linksys(BEFSX41). There are very few holes in this product recently purchased by Cisco. (Cisco bought all of Linksys.)

    Knowing what I know about war-driving, I could not bring myself to purchase a wireless router. I could go to about 75% of the businesses in the U.S. armed with nothing more than a laptop with an 802.11G (or super G) and completely make their company pwn3d (That’s owned for you non-l33t’ists). Remember to encrypt. WIthout it you may as well be leaving your front door unlocked.

    I got a 160Gb hard drive and an APC UPS for Christmas!!! (Plus video games!)

    Merry Chirsmas Teach!!!

  3. I finally got the router to work, had to do a serious reset on it because of all the encryption I had set it for at home. I love wandering around with the laptop.

    Julie, enjoy the feeds thing. Great way to see what is happening at your favorite sites.

    Jeremy, which games? Me, I like the first person games, haven’t seen any good ones recently.

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