Apology Schmology

What is it nowadays with people saying "I’m Sorry?" It seems to me, from my perch in the crow’s nest, that some people don’t understand when to say "I’m sorry." Take these blighters, for example:

Two Albanians who held 23 passengers hostage at gunpoint inside an Athens bus have apologised for their actions.

Hmm. "I’m sorry I scared the crap out of all you folks and your families, what with threatening to blow you up and all. It was totally improper of me, and I apologize." No. See, sparky, it just doesn’t work like that. Especially since you, well, threatened to kill them. There is no saying "I’m Sorry" over that. You apologize for being late, for breaking a dish, making a boo-boo. You do not apologize when committing a felony.

How often do we see folks convicted in court apologizing to the victim, or the victims family? Does it mean anything? "I’m sorry I killed and ate your child." Didn’t Dahmer apologize? I’m sure the family really gave a rats a*s. Would mean nothing to them.

Saying "I’m sorry" is an art, and has to actually have meaning to the person saying it and the person who it is being said to. Otherwise, you are just patronizing someone. Sure, you can use ‘I’m Sorry" to be attentive or civil to someone.

I’m sorry for putting you through that little rant.

Do you feel sincerity there? No, becuase it was really meant just to be civil. If I really meant it, I wouldn’t have typed this post, would I?


Mr Murataj’s lawyer, Stefanos Lyberopoulos said his client had repeatedly apologised for his actions.

"He is very sorry for what he has done," he said. "I believe that the time he will spend in prison will help him to come around and realise the dimension of the wrongful action he committed."

Why does the character John Cleese played in "A Fish Called Wanda" pop into my head?

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4 Responses to “Apology Schmology”

  1. Julie says:

    Bwa ha ha “I’m sorry I killed and ate your child”? Ah, nice one. I laughed and I’m not sorry about that. I think you’re right. But, how many times did your mother say,”Now, tell little Robbie you’re sorry you punched him in the face for calling you names.”? Ah, huh. And you put your shoulders up around your ears and glared at Robbie and growled “I’m. Sorry.” Something parents should think about. What are they really teaching their kids? To feel remorse? No. To be hypocritical.
    Oh. I sorta ranted back. Almost said I was sorry for ranting at you. I’m not though, so just deal with it.

  2. LOL! Exactly, you got it, Julie.

  3. Patty-Jo says:

    You’re right. It seems like these days people either blame someone else, or shrug it off. Not much accountability, or sincere remorse any more.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I’m sure Dahmer’s prison buddies were really sorry the week they let him out of solitary…it happens to be the same week he was killed my those same prison buddies. So do they get pardoned if they apologized?

    (I’d be tempted to shorten their sentence.)

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