This is sad

Was having a forum conversation, regarding a private newspaper company publishing customized Bibles this Sunday.

The Gazette of Colorado Springs, Colo., plans to
include customized Bibles with all copies of its home-delivered
newspapers this Sunday, a staffer confirmed to E&P Friday

The International Bible Society is paying the Gazette
$36,000 to distribute the New Testament copies to the paper’s 91,000
subscribers and run a full-page ad on Sunday, according,
the weekly Colorado Springs Independent’s Web site.

It is their First Amendment Right to publish the Bible, if they so choose. But the conversation turned to whether they could publish porn. Yes, it is still a First Amendment Right, if they want to lose their viewership. But why print porn in a newspaper? It is readily available all over the net. And this is the sad part. Searching the words porn and bible (yes, I know how wrong that is to have those words in the same sentance) comes up with:

  • Yahoo: Bible, 31,400,000 hits. Porn, 35,700,000 hits
  • Google: Bible, 45 Million. Porn, 154 Million
  • Lycos: Bible, 6,377,121. Porn, 7,845,829
  • Bible 6,387,644. Porn, search not allowed, forwarded to, not going there.
  • Alta Vista: Bible, 32,200,000. Porn, 35,600,000
  • Hot Bot: Bible, 6,377,760. Porn, 7,843,722

I think you get the idea. And it is an ugly outcome.

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3 Responses to “This is sad”

  1. Patty-Jo says:

    One of the things that saddens me the most about this is knowing that there are so many Christians that are checking out the porn sites instead of the bible.

  2. You are so right Patty Jo. I had this idea to see which had more hits. Not pretty. And the Google one blows me away.

  3. eustatic says:

    But what about the porn that’s in the Bible? Couldn’t you sell it on that?

    Zounds, me biscuit maggots, there be gold in th scripts of Solomon yet!!

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