Fatally Instinct Defective

The bad news for the "Kerry supporters" gets worse. First, it was the Minnesota Electors giving one of Kerry’s votes to "Ewards." Then the Ohio Electors officially voted all their votes for W. Now, Ohio’s Chief Justice has said "Non!" to 2 separate election challenges.

Chief Justice Thomas Moyer ruled that the
request improperly challenged two separate election results. Ohio law
only allows one race to be challenged in a single complaint, he said.

The challenge was backed by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Cliff Arnebeck, a Columbus attorney for the Massachusetts-based
Alliance for Democracy, who accused Bush’s campaign of "high-tech vote

Claiming fraud, the voters cited reports
of voting-machine errors, double-counting of ballots and a shortage of
voting machines in predominantly minority precincts as reasons to throw
out the results.

I wasn’t aware that the "Reverend" Jessie Jackson was an Ohio resident. And, the majority of problems occurred in Democrat Precincts. If they want to sue anyone, it should be the Ohio Democratic party for incompetence. Funny how none of the complaints include precincts run by the GOP. It is a redo of Florida, where, of the 27 of 28 precincts with issues were Demorat. The 28th was Independent. Standing in long lines is not election fraud.

Without listing specific evidence, the complaint alleges that 130,656 votes for Kerry and John Edwards in 36 counties were somehow switched to count for the Bush-Cheney ticket.

No evidence? Amazing. But not unexpected. There has been no hard proof of any fraud by the GOP, as provided by the sore losers Democrats. Yet, these people wasted the time of the Ohio Supreme Court with bullshit allegations. And no one has won the $200,000 prize for proving fraud that would change the outcome. Conspiracy Theories Gone Wild. Video coming soon.

{¶ 7} As Chief Justice, I have statutory authority to determine only
the challenge filed by the contestors to the election of President and
Vice-President. No statute or case law authorizes the filing of
multiple election contests in a single case. The complaint is fatally
defective. I therefore order that the contest of the presidential
election held on November 2, 2004, be dismissed without prejudice. (hat tip to Sean at Everything I Know Is Wrong)

The man has a way with words, doesn’t he? In related news, Ohio certified the second recount. No change. See Blogs for Bush for the 411. Time to cut your loses, Dems.

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7 Responses to “Fatally Instinct Defective”

  1. SUZANNE says:

    PIRATES, MY ARSE. You people are pathetic. Traitors would be a better name for you. If you whiny little babies were around during the time of the American Revolution, we’d still be living under the English monarchy. Is that your goal, to restore a King George to govern the U.S. with an iron hand, because you miss him so much?
    Since you love fascist dictators so much, why don’t y’all “pirates” go live with him on a island somewhere FAR AWAY from North America where he can gleefully cornhole you, willing supplicants, till you’re all blue in the face, – and leave the rest of us -who love the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and real FREEDOM more than any one party or one person- the HELL ALONE.
    Why don’t you want the votes counted? Huh? Huh? Little scared of the actual results, are we? Hmm.. And if you want us non-Bush-cornholers to quit thinking of the rest of you as stupid, learn how to spell.

  2. If you are referring to “Ewards,” that is how the ballot was cast. Try reading the article, honey. And, no need for us to leave: we won. Suck it up.

    BTW: the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution, no need to mention the same Document 2x. Read a book.

  3. SUZANNE says:

    Oh no, cupcake, it wasn’t the “Ewards” in the briefing, it was the multiple misspellings in YOUR postings and comments, sweetie. Such as “loses” if you meant LOSSES then it’s spelled as such, above. Maybe pirates is an apt name, since what pirates do is steal things at the point of a sword/gun/cannon, which is what you CONS have done with the last two elections- STOLEN a so-called victory for your so-called joke of a president. Give me a break. Any moron can see it- but I do know that it’s especially hard for you big, strong burly men (read: fat) to admit when you’ve been DUPED, BAMBOOZLED, SWINDLED, AND YES, CORN-HOLED, into voting against your own best interests, and against the best interests of the country you pretend to love. The Constitution and Bill of Rights (two separate documents, written at two separate times) provide for a diversity of opinion and dissent to flourish in this country. However, if you want to live under a fascist dictator, and you want EVERYONE ELSE to live under same oppressive rule, this is not the country for you. I hear the neo-Nazi movement is alive and well in Germany. Try there.
    When the truth comes out about the massive, treasonous scandal the CONS have wreaked upon the American people, I predict you will be back-pedaling so hard from this mess, the wind created from the flurry of sudden motion will power your torn “pirate” sails for a generation or so.
    Crawl out of your echo-chamber of dunces for a minute and you’ll see. You didn’t win, dearie. When democracy loses (note spelling), EVERYONE loses.

  4. First, if I make mistakes in typing, I do not really care. It happens. Even the big boys and girls in the Ecosphere do the same thing. You are entitled to your opinion about who wins and who loses, but I do not share it. I prefer my “facist dictator” to the habitual liar, ie, John Kerry. Bush will protect the interests of my country, while Kerry would simply protect Kerry.

    And, yes, the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution. When you say the Constitution, you are encompasing both parts, despite having been written at separate times.

    Furthermore, seems that you are hypocritical in allowing the right to participate. Seems like you are saying that only the left has the Right to flourish.

  5. SUZANNE says:

    Well, you CON artists are always good for a giggle, that’s for sure. One tactic of the huge Neo-con/Republican spin machine has always been to take the unsavory truths about themselves (that must not be revealed, lest the man behind the curtain be exposed for who he really is) and project them onto the “enemy” in rumour or innuendo. Thus, John Kerry becomes a “habitual liar” – based on no evidence whatsoever- while Bush and his “cabinet” spin more lies daily than the entire Eastern Bloc ever did in their history; and thus Kerry is “only out to protect himself” when it is patently obvious to the casual observer (who will allow Truth to enter their minds) that Bush & Co. are OVERWHELMINGLY self-interested, and the rest of the country, no, the world, be damned. If you’re not Big Oil or a Military contractor, they do NOT give a crap about you- harsh as the truth may seem, it is the truth.
    The Bill of Rights could more adequately be described as an appendage to the Constitution. Like legs to the Constitution’s body. I agree, they SHOULD be the same document, and treated as such, but wishing won’t make it so. Besides, you should be up on this fact as YOUR moron of a president has repeatedly tried to do away with the Bill of Rights (1st 10 Amendments to the Constitution, put there to appease the States) and still keep the Constitution itself so that his big government, big spending plans can stay in effect. Maybe it’s just because HE has never read a book, and therefore doesn’t understand nuance. Pity. (For us, not for him; apparently not understanding the founding documents of our country doesn’t bother him one whit.)
    Furthermore, you can flourish with your opinions all you want- this is your website, near as I can figger- but if you are going to practice and hate-and-fear mongering in a public forum, you can expect a fight. If you are going to baselessly slander, spread lies, and otherwise crucify good people who have actually SERVED their country rather than the Saudi Royal Family, expect a resounding retort. Us lefties aren’t afraid to venture into right-wing forums, eg. me- unlike a lot of you-all over on the right. The majority of us- and we are the majority, a free and fair election would have shown y’all that more clearly- will not go quietly. Read this for a glimpse of where we’re headed if we don’t take back our country, and soon: http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1220-20.htm
    LIke I said, this has been a giggle, but I’m really so busy trying to destroy Christmas with the rest of my secular, liberal friends that i’ve no more time to blog! Happy Holidays.

  6. Dave C says:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

    Personally, I feel that most Democrats could start up successful Burger King franchises, given all the double-whoppers they serve. If they continue at such rate into the 2008 election, they’ll be whining afterward that the voters wouldn’t let them have it their way.

    If there’s any universal truth these days it’s only Democrats and Dictators who are afraid of elections. They do anything to block, challenge or fix them at every turn. Gore tried to overturn the Florida election by specious means, in New Jersey they had Senator Toricelli substituted by a more winnable candidate against every law, and in California they tried to block the recall even though it’s constitutional and the public has spoken with a serious mandate (they also condemn it while trying [to] recall Bush). They used the left wing 9th circuit court of appeals to block it, using the racist argument that minorities can’t understand a punch card. This after the fact that these punch cards elected the presidents who appointed these left wing judges.

    I will repeat my previous assertion that the [Democrats’] antics and hysteria is going to destroy them in the next election. They have cried wolf too many times, they have lied about serious issues to the point of absurdity.

    Which is why they are trying to throw so many elections. It’s the only way they think they can win.

  7. SUZANNE says:

    Any proof of these so-called “whoppers” perpetrated by the Democrats? I didn’t think so. Any proof of “specious means” used by Al Gore to challenge the obviously fraudulent and fixed elections in Florida in 2000? (His Constitutional right) Didn’t think so. Proof of Democrats trying to “steal” elections? Nope. Any proof that Dubya actually won this last election in a free and fair manner? No? Didn’t think so. Oh, and you might want to credit the author of that quote at the beginning of your post. it would be the honorable thing to do. Oh, I forgot, you Cons don’t have a speck of honor or decency among you. What Cons, Neo-Cons, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. on the right wing always forget is that you have entered into a social contract simply by living here and taking advantage of the many privileges bestowed on Americans by the Founders. That social contract means that the weakest members of society are taken care of in some way, and no one individual has the right to spoil common resources, or profit from them to the exclusion and detriment of all other citizens. Capitalism is an economic system, not a political system. If the members of a free democracy vote for social programs like Social Security, Universal Healthcare, HeadStart, public education, etc., then that’s just fine. It’s our choice. Majority rules. What we have now is a handful of wealthy families and corporations controlling politics in America- and that’s called oligarchy. Or a plutocracy, take your pick. they do it by controlling the media and sending out the message to the masses that being on their side is the “winning” side, the “strong” side, the “patriotic” side, and anyone who opposes them is unpatriotic, weak, whiny, losers, blah blah blah. So these poor misinformed saps (aka, you guys) actually vote against their own best interests, thinking it will get them brownie points or something with the wealthy, the powerful, the self-righteous, whomever- when in reality these self-proclaimed “winners” care nothing for the vast majority of people who vote for them, aside from the fact that they wouldn’t be wealthy and powerful without all you suckers lining up to support them.
    “…until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”
    PUH-LEEZE! In a democracy that is truly created by the people, OF COURSE we would know how it happened, because we put it there! What do you think, there’s this vast network of Socialists out there, working constantly to impose their system of economics (not government- 2 different things) on a huge nation… via social welfare programs that keep the population healthy, well-educated, well-informed, and safeguard the environment rather than avaricious corporations. And who would benefit from such Socialist scheme, aside from the People? Hmm, talk about your wacky conspiracy theories.
    Railing about the “fearsome scepter” of socialism and communism is so passe, darling. No one’s advocating for communism. What we’re advocating FOR is true democracy in this country, by the people, for the people, with the people actively participating, etc. What we’re advocating against is totalitarianism, a la Orwell’s 1984, which we are only a breath away from right now. Read a book, indeed. I guess we can go ahead and credit your opening quote to “Any Conservative Dumbass, Take your Pick, since none of them think for themselves… Ditto!”
    Really, if you are going to persist in acting like a flock of mindless sheep, the least you can do is pick a shepherd who isn’t going to lead the rest of us straight into Armegeddon.
    Here’s to THE TRUTH COMING OUT IN 2005!

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