Monday Morning Rant

Just a little one. And an unimportant one. A story from the BBC on the use of Multimedia Messages (MMS) being low, because people do not know how to use it. First, people want camera phones, but do not want to pay for sending the pictures. 2nd,they say it is to hard. Hmm, that could be important. They could ask a consultant, or read the manual. There is a biggy. Reading the manual. A very old US News and World Report article once claimed that if you could program a VCR, you were a genius. No, you were just a person that could read a manual. Say it with me: read the manual. They put them in there for a reason.

I will grant that there are some cases where help is needed. I needed help getting my WiFi internet router, manual was thin. But most manuals are easy to read. Press this button, press that button. And, when all else fails, ask for help. People get paid to give you help.

Rant over.

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2 Responses to “Monday Morning Rant”

  1. Patty-Jo says:

    You are so right! I always turn to the manual first, and if I still have problems I look for the customer service phone # that is almost always included. I’m trying to teach my son this technique, but my husband views reading the manual as cheating! Go figure.

  2. If he can do it without the manual, good for him. I can do that with alot of stuff, but it is only because I have learned similar stuff. But manuals have their place, most definatly

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