Yushchenko Poisoned

The hospital that Yushchenko entered for more tests has confirmed that he has Dioxin poisoning, though no speculation on how he got it.

"There is no doubt about the fact that Mr. Yushchenko’s disease has
been caused by a case of poisoning by dioxin," said Dr. Michael
Zimpfer, director of Vienna’s private Rudolfinerhaus clinic.

His chief of staff, Oleh Rybachuk has stated:

"He was very lucky that he was brought to Vienna because doctors said
if he would stay another 24 hours in Ukraine, it could be a ‘final
solution,"’ he said in comments broadcast Friday.

Go Orange!

Update, 5:50pm: Captain Ed with the scoop that Dioxon is a major part of Agent Orange. The irony!

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  1. Ogre says:

    It is Halloween again already? The Orangemen aren’t playing, are they? ECU is purple, still, aren’t they? Damn, too many colors to keep up with… 😉

  2. I had to use a darker reddish orange for this Ukraine post, last one was hard to read, least for me. I tried posting some of the ECU posts in purple and gold, whew! hard to read.

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