Issues today

Rather then looking for some good stuff to blog, I have spent the last hour trying to figure out why I cannot send email from my laptop with attachments that are over 50kb in size. Works absolutley fine from the desktop, same settings as far as I can tell. Have tested sending stuff under 50kb. No problems there. It is just with 50kb and over. I do not see any issues with the wireless router, either.

Anyone happen to know?

Update: Yeah, I fixed it. For future reference, if you have McAfee Security Center, or even just Virus Scan, you have to turn "scan outbound messages" off. Otherwise it times out. Or set the time out way up.

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One Response to “Issues today”

  1. Holly says:

    Hey! Cool blog you have going on here, I love the pirate theme! I wish I could help out with you email problem, but I’ll tell ya a secret? I dont know shit about computers! But thanks for stopping by and making me feel good, now my blo has a lover, opps I mean love! =) Stop by again!

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