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Some info some of you know, some of you may not. I had a friend of a friend (who still hasn’t sent me the name of her blog, though, I think that is because she is vast left wing, and doesn’t want me trolling :o) ) ask me who I get most of my links to pop up. It is actually very simple.

What you do is, at the end of a hyper link, add target="_blank"

So, you have inserted your link, and you need to look at it in html format, rather then WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). It will look something like: <a href=""> end </a>. That is the code for the link that goes with the word "end" above. So, what I will do is put my cursor between the " and the > highlighted in red, then press the space bar once, then insert the phrase, so it looks like this:

…" target="_blank">end</a>

That will give me a pop up page. When using Blogrolling, in that box that says "target" you type _blank. That will give you pop ups from that list. With some types of links, such as the ones I have for Non Addled News, making them pop up is a bit more difficult, and would require a bit of formatting, due to the type of links I set them as. Oh, well. One does what one can.

Why would you want them to pop up? Well, #1, you want to keep folks at your own site when you are linking to other sites. You just wrote something you think is wonderful, and you have a link in the first sentence or so. You want people to read your stuff, right? You do not want them going to the other site to read it and not coming back. #2, it will give folks a chance to stick around longer, and maybe check out a few other posts. 3rd, folks do often look at where they’re traffic comes from, so maybe one of the big players will see that you referred someone to their site, and will maybe link you, or refer people to you. What comes around goes around.

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  2. FireWolf says:

    Excellent tip William, thank you! Janette referred me over here and after reading it I will give it a try from now on. Thanks

  3. JOE LIZOTTE says:



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