Thanksgiving Needs

So, you are all set for Thanksgiving.

The turkey has been stuffed with tender care,
the spuds are made, there is garlic everywhere.

The yams have been mushed, the pies are cooling,
the silverware sparkles, no foolin’!

Linens clean, table is set,
you have tequila shooters, you lost a bet. 

Wine and beer, water and ice,
when talk turns to politics, everyone be nice.

Football on the tube, remote will except no other commands,
listen up guys, do not give in to demands.

The belts have been notched, we’re ready to party,
the guests are all here, let’s go, me hearties.

Ten hours to cook, 20 minutes to eat,
the toilet is ready, everyone have a seat.

#1 is to thank God from beginning and end,
but do not forget your toilets best friend.

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