SCNY Mayor Looks To Cut $2.1 Billion To Help Out Illegals

Why not just raise taxes? Certainly the Comrades of Sanctuary City New York would back tax increases to pay for all the illegal aliens they support, right?

Mayor Adams orders $2.1B migrant crisis spending cut, spares NYPD, FDNY and DSNY from next budget trim

Mayor Adams will spare the NYPD, the FDNY and the Sanitation Department from another planned round of budget cuts — but is ordering his administration to figure out a way to slash $2.1 billion in projected spending on housing and services for newly-arrived migrants, according to a new memo from City Hall.

The memo, penned by Jacques Jiha, Adams’ budget director, was sent to all agency heads Monday morning. It comes days after the Adams administration rolled out the mayor’s November financial plan modification, which would enact deep budget cuts across all agencies as part of a 5% city government-wide spending reduction first ordered in September due to migrant crisis-related fiscal concerns.

While all agencies managed to come up with plans to meet the 5% spending reduction target from September, the administration “must do more” to rein in cost as the city’s still staring down a $7.1 billion deficit for the 2025 fiscal year, which starts July 1, Jiha wrote in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by the Daily News.

To that end, Jiha wrote the administration will proceed with implementing another 5% city government-wide spending trim in January via a so-called Program to Eliminate the Gap, or PEG. Agencies must submit their plans for how to meet the January PEG target by Dec. 8, Jiha added.

Oh, come on, tax increases instead of cuts. Democrats love tax increases. Heck, why not trot out a big tax increase for big companies and earners? All those Democrat voters in SCNY would totally be down with those, right? At least Adams has his priorities straight in not slashing policing, fire, and sanitation.

But, Adams is still whining about Biden

Adams says ‘DC has abandoned us’ as NYC slashes budgets over migrant crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Monday that Washington D.C. “has abandoned us” in regards to the ongoing migrant crisis the city and other parts of the country are facing — days after he announced stinging budget cuts to education and policing due to the crisis.

“D.C. has abandoned us, and they need to be paying their cost to this national problem,” Adams said during a town hall in Brooklyn, according to Politico.

On one hand, Adams should be happy that his sanctuary city is getting the chance to help all those illegals. On the other, Biden is doing exactly what he said he’d do and what Democrat voters want: open borders. And none of them have figured out the proper solution: shut down the border and send all the illegals packing. Including NPR

As strange as it sounds, this is what they want. They have been told that if they cross over and turn themselves over to Border Patrol, they are taking the first step toward getting a visa or a better chance at asylum in the United States.

This is how every day for the past few months, coyotes drop off over 300 migrants at a miles-long gap in the border wall in the Southern California desert. When the migrants cross it, they find themselves on the outskirts of the tiny community of Jacumba, population about 600. They end up at camps like this one, an open field near the highway, where Border Patrol has told them to wait. Activists and locals say it’s a humanitarian disaster. And they say no one is helping.

The camps where the people are being taken by Border Patrol are a dystopian sight. At one of them, about 150 adults and children huddle together for warmth.

The camps are in the California desert. These illegals simply showed up. If they do not like it, the door is right there. Head on home. Or somewhere else.

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5 Responses to “SCNY Mayor Looks To Cut $2.1 Billion To Help Out Illegals”

  1. H says:

    Tax cuts ? For whom Teach ?
    Trump gave the ultra rich your despised “elites” a 2 TRILLION dollar permanent tax cut. His 2 year tax cut for low and mid ok nco e taxpayers already expired.
    Migrants ? 1 million came in the last fiscal year
    OMG !!! Our population increased from 334 million to 335bmillion. An increase of 0.3%
    If that continues in another 2 years our population will have increased by 1 whole percent

    Teach our so isl security will be bankrupt if we do not increase new young workers.
    Whites are no longer fulfilling their social responsibility by having babies and increasing the number of active workers needed to support retirees.

    • Jl says:

      Carbon boy-let’s see your proof of a “Trump 2 trillion dollar permanent tax cut”. If you do, we’ll promise to stop making fun of you regarding this subject. Good luck!

  2. James Lewis says:


    Teach our so isl security will be bankrupt if we do not increase new young workers.

    Uh, pardon me for pointing this out, but FIRST you have to have jobs for the “illegal aliens” to have.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      I thought originally that H said there’s no legal aliens we’re here to take the jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. Isn’t that what they should be doing then? But they’re not they’re on welfare and taking all kinds of handouts from all kinds of governments. They will come here to work they come here to rip us off commit crimes sell drugs rape women and generally live like kings compared to what they were living like in their old country. If they wanted to live better they could have made their country of origin a better place to live instead they come here and ruin ours. They’re nothing but tags and scum.

  3. Dana says:

    Our distinguished host began:

    Why not just raise taxes? Certainly the Comrades of Sanctuary City New York would back tax increases to pay for all the illegal aliens they support, right?

    As brilliant as Governor Greg Abbott has been in shipping the illegal immigrants ‘migrants’ to sanctuary cities, he hasn’t sent them that many. Many of the illegal ‘undocumented’ immigrants have made their way to the ‘sanctuary cities’ on their own, and Mayor Adams is trying to figure out how to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants desperately poor people seeking assistance.

    There have been stories that former Governor Andrew Cuomo is contemplating a run for Mayor, seeing how Mr Adams approval rate has plummeted. That Mr Cuomo’s home is not in New York City is no problem; all he needs to do is rent a fifth-floor walkup on 96th Street, right?

    Mr Adams has said that the Federal government has “abandoned” the city, but let’s face it: what can Congress do? There are enough Democrats to torpedo any new legislation, and President Biden, who has all the authority he needs to virtually close down the border, won’t do [insert slang term for feces here.]

    Maybe another headline, “Biden to City: Drop Dead”?

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