Biden Regime Considers Instituting A Remain In Texas Policy

Gotta keep all those illegal aliens/migrants out of LA and NE Democrat voting sanctuary areas

Biden administration considers forcing migrant families to remain in Texas

The Biden administration is considering forcing some migrant families who enter the country without authorization to remain near the border in Texas while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the United States, three U.S. officials told The Times.

Administration officials have been considering the idea as a way to stem recent increases in the numbers of migrant families crossing the southern border, which reportedly reached an all-time high last month. Supporters of the remain-in-Texas idea, which has yet to be finalized, hope that it would help the administration advance its goals of quickly deporting families who fail initial asylum screenings and deterring other families from crossing in the first place.

Oh, please. We all know this is to keep them away from the sanctuary areas. If he institutes this you can bet he’ll fly them to areas away from the people who vote for Democrats

The Biden plan would force certain migrant families to remain in Texas — or possibly other border states — by tracking their location through GPS monitoring devices, such as ankle bracelets, according to the three officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The families would be put through an asylum screening process to determine whether they could stay in the U.S. and proceed with their claims. Officials have discussed working with local organizations to provide housing for the families.

Yeah yeah yeah. It keeps them in Texas, and means Abbott can’t ship them to sanctuary areas. Oh, but, see, there’s a problem with keeping them in Texas

That would be the northeast border, and there’s no telling about other sections of the norther border, as they come in through Canada.

NY Gov. Hochul says she is considering special legislative session on migrants

Gov. Kathy Hochul said Thursday that she is “entertaining” the possibility of calling lawmakers back to Albany for a special session to address New York City’s migrant crisis.

“I’m entertaining all of my options right now — we’re working closely with [Mayor Eric Adams] to resolve this,” Hochul, a Democrat, said at a news conference in Albany.

Hochul has previously called the Legislature back from vacation to address gun safety and abortion protections. But her remarks Thursday, with the next session months away, marked her strongest public suggestion she might convene an extraordinary session on migrants.

She might not like it if she does

It is unclear what issues might animate a special session. Some of the Republicans’ migrant demands, including a declaration that New York is not a sanctuary state, might be nonstarters in the left-leaning state Legislature. Hochul on Thursday rejected the demand.

And upstate and suburban lawmakers of both parties may be wary of some of the mayor’s aims, which include forcing more areas of the state to welcome migrants, and securing more taxpayer money from the state government, which has already pledged about $1.5 billion to help the city with the surge.

Sounds like a fun time in the sanctuary state of NY.

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4 Responses to “Biden Regime Considers Instituting A Remain In Texas Policy”

  1. H says:

    Migrants should be able to travel wherever they wish.
    And even better when states pay for their tickets.

    • Jl says:

      Carbon boy-as you know, Texas already gives them free transportation to “sanctuary cites” where after a while the locals will be pissed off that they came, but that’s liberal hypocrisy for you. But good job keeping up on what’s going on….

  2. unklc says:

    The “migrants” should remain in their home country or Mexico and apply for entry like other people do, LEAGALLY. It can be done, there is a procedure and it is not too byzantine [it is bureaucratic and does take time]. If they insist on entering illegally, they should be apprehended and expelled as per our laws and the laws of most countries. If Mexico or the cartels persist in aiding the illegal entry into our country, Brandon should advise the Mexican Government that he will mobilize US armed forces no the border to curtail the illegal entry. The 6th U.S. Army is based in San Antonio and the 1st Armored Division is at Fort Bliss in El Paso. I don’t think even the cartels really want to tangle with the actual U.S. military.

  3. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Let me get this straight H, you believe that “migrants” should be able to go anywhere in the United states? Why would you believe that? Are they vetted? Are they vaccinated? Are they criminals? Sex offenders? Child molesters?

    Migrants is a wide open word. Americans are migrants if they’re wandering around. Do you mean illegal aliens? Do you mean legal aliens? Do you mean both? See it’s left wingers like you that create problems for normal people like us. If you want migrants to travel wherever they wish then you should travel with them. And if you want the states to pay for their tickets then you should be charged for their tickets out of your taxes. Not my taxes. Not Danas taxes. Not teaches taxes. Yours!

    I realize as a Democrat communist that you take no responsibility for anything you say you say things that sound totally stupid. I also realized that is a Democrat communist you think the states can pay for their (“migrants”) tickets but the problem is the states don’t have money the citizens do and maybe we don’t wanna pay for that.

    UA holes on the left are forever writing checks for everybody else to cash But only us to cover

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