How Dare You: Austrian High Court Kills Off Youts Climate Lawsuit

Well, the youts go their day in court like the wanted, they just could not prove their case

Austria Court Rejects Children’s Climate Lawsuit

An Austrian court Friday rejected a lawsuit brought by 12 minors who accused the government of failing to revise a climate protection law, which they said insufficiently protects their constitutional rights.

A growing number of organisations and individuals around the world have turned to the courts to challenge what they see as government inaction on preventing climate change.

The Austrian lawsuit, the first of its kind in the nation and submitted in February, claimed a law dating from 2011 is not ensuring that children are shielded from the consequences of global warming.

Austria’s Constitutional Court rejected the suit as “inadmissible”, stating that “not all parts of the law were challenged” despite them being “inextricably linked”, according to a statement after the ruling.

The court deemed the lawsuit’s scope “too narrow”.

In other words, they really didn’t consider the implications of their suit, and the big money groups behind it didn’t do their homework.

The challenge is being supported by environmental activists, including Fridays for Future, the movement inspired by Sweden’s Greta Thunberg.

In other words, it was astroturfed, attempting to get the court to implement the climate cult beliefs that couldn’t be passed by the legislative branch.

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