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Say, Can Focusing On Climate Crisis (scam) Win Elections Or Something

No. It can’t. It damned sure didn’t help Jay Inslee in 2020, who couldn’t even get the hardcore leftists in Washington state to approve his climate apocalypse agenda, and he flamed out of the Democrat primaries early. Nor did it help Mike Bloomberg or Jay Inslee. All three made climate doom their focus Can Focusing […]

If All You See…

…is an area that lost its grass due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post St. Greta making German Greens upset over her support of nuclear power.

Surprise: Republicans Have The Edge On Mid-Terms

There are three big questions on this poll. The first is the notion that many are sandbagging when asked, and that they’re really supporting the GOP much more. The second is whether the young folks will show up. The third is the notion of how this plays out in each individual district Republicans Gain Edge […]

Brandon White House Looks To Modify Sunlight To Cool The Earth Or Something

What could possibly go wrong? Once a dystopian fantasy, manipulating sunlight to cool the earth is now on the White House research agenda The White House is coordinating a five-year research plan to study ways of modifying the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth to temper the effects of global warming, a process sometimes called solar […]

NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That Combat Veterans Would Be Running For The House As Republicans

It’s like the Grey Lady would think that all combat veterans are snowflakes and SJWs, that they think it’s great that the military is more focused on ‘climate change’, raaaaacism, CRT, and the gender confused rather than protecting the U.S., and should run as Democrats (free read at Yahoo) New Generation of Combat Vets, Eyeing […]

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