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How Will The Poor Afford EVs In The People’s Republik Of California?

Obviously, through massive government help. Government creates the problem, then provides the “solution” California wants everyone to drive EVs. How will low-income people afford them? When Graciela Deniz worked as a health educator at a medical office in Kerman, California, it seemed like all the doctors drove Teslas. Deniz, 32, assumed electric vehicles were a […]

If All You See…

…is a world killing dog causing temperatures to spike, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A Bad American, with a post on groomers in the classroom.

Raleigh Shooter In Critical Condition, Timeline Of Shooting Details Being Released

The slightly more official timeline seems to confirm some of the way I’ve seen it, based on the things I’ve read and seen Raleigh mass shooting leaves 5 dead, 2 injured; 15-year-old suspect in critical condition Raleigh Police Department said a 15-year-old was responsible for the mass shooting that killed five people and injured two […]

“Developing Nations” To Demand More Money For ‘Climate Change’

Yeah, this is the norm each year as the UN IPCC Conference On The Parties approaches, wanting so free, easy money with no strings attached, because they are “owed” Developing nations suffering from climate change will demand financial help The chairperson of an influential negotiating bloc in the upcoming United Nations climate summit in Egypt […]

Bidenconomy Turning Darker, Causing Changing Shopping Habits

Hey, anyone who voted for him, don’t complain. Suck it up. This is on you ‘The mood has turned darker’: Desperate to outrun inflation, people are changing their shopping habits. You can, too. We never were the same after last summer. Stubbornly high inflation rates in recent months and several interest-rate hikes by the Federal […]

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