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Surprise: Oregon Sheriff Arrests Forest Service Employee For Reckless Controlled Burn

Remember stuff like this? October 18th and Oregon has shit air quality because of wild fires… Climate change is hell — Shamus Cooke (@Shamuscooke) October 18, 2022 https://twitter.com/Smiling_Ken7/status/1582837484316418048 Lots and lots more. But, the reality? Oregon sheriff arrests Forest Service employee for controlled burn that spread A county sheriff in Oregon has arrested a U.S. […]

If All You See…

..is Bad Weather induced heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on “ignoring the “Five Ws + H” in reporting due to political correctness”

Federal Court Temporarily Halts Biden’s Student Debt Plan

You had to know this was coming. Biden, or, more realistically, Biden’s advisors, knew this was coming, because Joe has no clue, as there’s no way the Executive Branch has the authority to “forgive” up to $20k in legally accrued debt Court temporarily blocks Biden’s student loan forgiveness A federal appeals court late Friday issued […]

A GOP Congress Could Restrain Brandon’s Climate Scam Ambitions

Of course, those ambitions are meant to restrain your life, not Biden’s. By my count, this is the 25th weekend Biden has spent in Delaware this year, and, he took a helicopter to Joint Base Andrews, then he took Air Force 1, a jumbo jet, to fly to Dover, Delaware, first, is going to “give […]

Good News: Pfizer To Charge Up To $130 Per Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

Not sure how well this will work out when Government and COVIDnags are screeching about getting vaxxed and boosted Pfizer says it’s eyeing a $110 to $130 list price for COVID-19 vaccine in U.S. Pfizer Inc. has revealed the price it is eyeing in the U.S. for its adult COVID-19 vaccine on the commercial market. […]

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