A GOP Congress Could Restrain Brandon’s Climate Scam Ambitions

Of course, those ambitions are meant to restrain your life, not Biden’s. By my count, this is the 25th weekend Biden has spent in Delaware this year, and, he took a helicopter to Joint Base Andrews, then he took Air Force 1, a jumbo jet, to fly to Dover, Delaware, first, is going to “give a speech”, followed by a trip in a fossil fueled limo, with all the other vehicles, to his beach house. It’s 93 miles from DC to Dover. He couldn’t have driven? Or just taken the helicopter?

Biden’s climate change measures could take a hit if Republicans regain control of Congress

With a razor-thin majority in Congress, Democrats and President Biden were able to pass the most significant legislation to address climate change in U.S. history, but if Republicans gain control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections, those gains could be partially reversed.

The Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law in August, allocates $369 billion over 10 years to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the end of the decade, thanks to subsidies for clean energy, electric cars and other more efficient technologies. Biden is meanwhile pursuing further reductions, through regulations such as forthcoming rules limiting carbon emissions from power plants.

Environmental activists and their opponents on the right don’t agree about much, but they do agree on two things: If Republicans win control of the House of Representatives, as statistical models show is fairly likely, they will have some power to constrain Biden’s environmental policies through spending cuts. And if they win a majority in the Senate as well, their leverage over spending will increase.

But, will they? That’s always the question with the elected Republicans. Do they have the fortitude to stand strong and say “we aren’t funding this?” There are still too many GOP establishment types. Can they fight Biden on it? They often capitulated to Obama. Will they even try to defund this idiocy?

Congressional Republican leaders have argued that the federal government should loosen regulation of fossil fuel extraction in order to reduce oil and gas prices and lessen U.S. dependence on foreign sources of energy, such as Saudi Arabia. But apart from calling for more domestic oil drilling, congressional Republicans have yet to unveil a climate change or energy policy platform during the campaign. National Republican Senatorial Committee chair Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., released a 12-part plan to “Rescue America” that did not have a climate, environment or energy component. As part of its economic plank, Scott’s plan pledged to “expedite all federal permit applications to be granted or denied within 30 days,” which presumably would reduce the time and cost of energy projects. Scott has introduced a bill to that effect, and co-sponsored bills with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., that would prohibit importation of oil and gas from Iran and Venezuela or exportation of oil and gas to China.

They should pass legislation to increase drilling, and, just as import, create the situation where we will have more refining capacity. More oil means nothing if you cannot refine it. Force Biden to either sign it or veto it, showing he cares nothing for the plight of the working and middle class.

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4 Responses to “A GOP Congress Could Restrain Brandon’s Climate Scam Ambitions”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Biden’s climate change measures could take a hit if Republicans regain control of Congress

    …and the problem here is…?

  2. Dana says:

    It’s actually up to the GOP leadership: if the leadership refuse to bring up bills which fund Mr Biden’s global warming climate change plans, then they never come to a vote in which the squishes can defect.

  3. Dan says:

    Yes…a GOP Congress could restrain the Biden administration. But it won’t. The GOP are spineless, gutless cowards interested only in self enrichment. They have had numerous opportunities over the years to restrain the criminal communist left and they ALWAYS fail to do so. This time would be no different.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Dan, I have no reason to believe that a majority GOP Congress will be any more effective against the onslaught of communist proposals fostered by the democommies now than they have been in the past. But I hold out hope in the post Trump era that at least some have learned defending the people can work if it’s sincere. Hell, the democommies are so scared of Trump and Trump supporters they can’t get him out of their minds and they absolutely refuse to revisit the stolen election honestly with an investigation and an audit because they know what the outcome would be.

      I/we have faced the fact that America is controlled by a GOP-DNC cabal and Congresscritters of both sides are really only team mates for the same team. And neither we nor our nation are part of that team. The democommies control the Congress, the fake junta in the White House, the courts, most of the media and social media, all of entertainment and banking, sports, and just about everything else yet they insist upon censoring people and imprisoning those who disagree. That shows a real fear of the Truth and an authentic weakness in their morality (spit) and ability to convince in the face of honest opposition.

      We got them. We cannot let them go. They have to pay for what they’ve done to our country, our law, our children and our military even if it does mean war. We need to muster up the same courage against the democommies today as our forefathers did against their democrat ancestors in 1861. They were evil then and nothing has changed. Just look at all our major cities all run by democommies. The crime, the murders and violence, the drugs, the corruption of the democommie officials, the multi tiered legal system, the filth and human waste on the streets, the drugs even as the government partakes in bringing in dealers through an open border, the failing schools which were #1 now about #35 in the world, the inflation and raw lies about it, the crumbling infrastructure, the sky high taxes, the oppressive regulations and red tape all run by and profited by democommies.

      And now they are on the cusp of bringing that dystopian America to the entire country. Face it, leftists hate God, White people and America and the only way to change that is to beat the hell out of them every time. Or kill them. Let them choose.

      Mega MAGA

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