Surprise: Oregon Sheriff Arrests Forest Service Employee For Reckless Controlled Burn

Remember stuff like this?

Lots and lots more. But, the reality?

Oregon sheriff arrests Forest Service employee for controlled burn that spread

A county sheriff in Oregon has arrested a U.S. Forest Service employee on suspicion of reckless burning after a controlled burn escaped and scorched about 20 acres (8 hectares) of private land.

The arrest was unprecedented, according to one wildfire expert, and comes amid complaints by land owners and officials in western states when controlled burns get out of hand.

Such burns are designed to prevent or contain wildfires.

In Oregon, Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley said in a statement on Wednesday his office arrested a 39-year-old “burn boss” after a controlled burn escaped and torched 20 acres belonging to a cattle rancher.

So, not ‘climate change’? Yet another case like

Relations between New Mexico communities and the Forest Service were strained earlier this year when a controlled burn sparked a large wildfire. A Forest Service review found that pressure to meet objectives may have led the agency to ignore risks posed by a controlled burn.

Funny how they keep blaming climate apocalypse for the actions of mankind releasing carbon pollution, rather than mankind doing stupid things that start wildfires, either through accident or on purpose. Along with a few lighting strikes here and there, which have always happened.

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One Response to “Surprise: Oregon Sheriff Arrests Forest Service Employee For Reckless Controlled Burn”

  1. Hairy says:

    The USFS does about 5000 prescribed fire burns each year
    This one did not go as planned
    Does that fire have done extra significance ,? Apparently it burned 20 acres

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