Hmm: Will Electric Cars Be More Expensive To Run Than Gas Vehicles?

Again, I’m not against EVs: I’ve said many times that I’m not a fan of gasoline, as it pollutes, and I don’t mean CO2. But, there are just so many issues with EVs, starting with the price of new. Then, the concern that you’ll have to pay $20K plus to replace the batteries on a used, which will drive down the residuals. How do you charge if you don’t have a garage? Do you want the charger outside in the elements at your house or townhome? How about if you live in an apartment or condos? Taking a trip? Do you want to stop for an hour to charge? Will there be enough? How about higher insurance costs? If you get in a fender bender, will it be totaled due to the batteries? Will auto insurance change the way they operate, leaving you on the hook? It’s not ready for prime time, but, if you want one, get one. It’s the notion of Government forcing you into one that is my #1 problem. Oh, and this

Electric cars will be more expensive to run than petrol

Electric vehicleElectric vehicles will be more expensive to run than petrol equivalents from October as the latest price cap hike punishes drivers for going green.

The unit cost of electricity will nearly double under new energy prices released yesterday, taking it up to 52p per kWh, up from 28p. Petrol prices have fallen in recent weeks and stand at £1.70 per litre, in comparison.

As a result, it will cost more to travel long distances in an electric car than a petrol one – even before factoring in higher purchase prices for greener vehicles.

The owner of a Jaguar i-PACE, an electric SUV, would spend £99 more to travel the same distance as a driver in the petrol equivalent, the Jaguar f-PACE, according to calculations by breakdown service, the RAC.

Well, we’re all surely not running out to spend $71K/$52k for either. Anyhow, that’s $116 more for the same trip. Do we think this will get better as more and more reliable, dependable, affordable energy sources are replaced with “green alternatives”?

The petrol version can travel around 400 miles on a full tank of petrol, which would cost around £50. The electric model only has a range of 290 miles and would need multiple charges to travel 400 miles – this would cost £99 more after October’s electricity price hike.

The same is true for cheaper models. A Kia e-Niro owner would have to spend £88 more than a Kia Sportage driver to travel the same distance.

The e-Niro will cost £33.80 to fully charge from October compared to £18.37 at the moment, RAC estimations showed.

The firm’s Rod Dennis said those who charged their cars at home would really feel the impact of October’s energy price rise.

But, hey, if you’re good with this, that’s your choice, right? Rather than government forcing you.

Let’s also not forget that government will complain that they’re losing the gas tax revenue, and will implement measures such as road user fees based on miles you travel, and others, such as Pennsylvania

The fee would be $75 per year for a hybrid gas-electric vehicle, $175 a year for an electric vehicle and $275 for an electric vehicle with a weight rating of more than 26,000 pounds, such as a city bus.

Those are above the regular taxes. Does anyone think all the issues will be worked out in the next 10 years?

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20 Responses to “Hmm: Will Electric Cars Be More Expensive To Run Than Gas Vehicles?”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Our current president has already proven his ability to turn that calculation around by spiking oil prices.

  2. H says:

    Tesla batteries should last 300000 to 500000 miles. Thst is 22 to 37 years of average mileage. By that time everything else will be pretty much shot.
    Trach batteries technology gets better every year. Drudge just reported they are expecting within 5 years to have it down to 10 mins.
    And remember a stock Porsche went LA to NYC with less than 2.5 hours total charging time.
    Most people only drive 1000 mes per month. Someone yourself drive less. If you had a charger how often would you have to stop and charge other than at night? Would you ever? Wouldn’t it be nice to “fill up” at home and save 75% on fuel?

    • david7134 says:

      Why does the Tesla dealer tell me the battery will only last average of 5 years.

    • Facts Matter says:

      How many charging stations will be required to serve all these cars?

      How many gasoline stations will shut down?

      Most gasoline stations are also mini-marts. How many 100,000’s of these stores will close?

      Where will you get Nickle to make 300,000,000 battery packs? Do batteries never fail? Oh wait Hunter Biden is investing in nickel mining. The big guy gets 10 percent.

      Tesla builds their own batteries. Their cars are very expensive.

      Volt buys batteries from China. China doesn’t give a shit about Americans and as a result, their failure rate is high.

      Converting to Electric from Gasoline/Diesel is all super. The problem will be that there will be 300 million gasoline cars to dispose of.

      AGW fanatics are NAZI idiots. I am a fan of Tesla. I also am a fan of realism and the damage to the economy will be staggering if we switch to Electric too fast. But what does the left care? They are marching to Chairman XI and the CCP anyways.

  3. H says:

    The first of Tesla cybertruck semis are due in early 2023. Pepsi has ordered 100 and may get the first one

  4. H says:

    Currently the highest mileage Tesla is a model p85 with over 900000 (900k) miles, a taxi in Germany. Original battery lasted 180k miles,replaced under warranty a loaner battery was put in for about 100k then the final battery which is still going strong and may well last itself 1 million miles
    Oh and Teach the comparison of charging cost for the Jag ipace??? UK electric prices are 3x as high as here.
    EVs get better don’t use a 6 year old Leaf or Volt for comparisons.
    And no don’t try and blame ot on wind energy. Scotland wind generation cost is 5 cents per kwh about the same as here in the USA

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Put down the pipe, Johnnie, and try to learn something.

      The simple and unassailable fact is that for every MW of wind or solar there has to be a MW of coal or gas or nuclear or hydro ready, willing and able to pick up the slack, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.
      The unnecessary duplication of capital costs is just the beginning.

      Praise Allah!

    • Facts Matter says:

      Elon Musk says ‘civilization will crumble’ unless we continue using oil and gas in the short term

      The Tesla CEO said the transition from oil and gas to sustainable energy will ‘take some decades to complete

      I just happen to agree with one of the smartest men on the planet. It’s too bad the left worships his cars and hates him as a man. I am expecting a hostile takeover by Bezos, Soros, Buffet and Gates any day now.

      Or more likely. The FBI or CIA will find a reason to throw him in jail and his company sold off to democratic donors for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps he was secretly in charge of One Six.

      • CarolAnn says:

        Just as the left loved the “flamboyant” democrat entrepreneur and “edgy” real estate developer and beauty pageant host Donald Trump until that day in 2015 he came down the escalator with the beautiful Melania and declared he was now Republican everyone loved the “forward thinking” and “climate conscience” Elon Musk until he made an offer on Twitter because he thought they were censoring freedom of speech.

        The left are liars, cheaters, traitors and liars. I know I said liars twice only because you can’t say it enough.

  5. Jl says:

    Yes, EVs are so good that the government is bribing you $7500 to buy one!

  6. Hairy says:

    Also that battery cost for Tesla Mod 3 of 20k?
    The cost of an engine reacement new from its class competitor BMW 3 series is also 20k

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      First of all EVERY BMW does not need a replacement engine and second when was the last time you heard of a BMW needing one? Your comparison holds no water. Oh, and you don’t know shit about cars.

    • Dana says:

      If you do something really radical like maintain the gasoline engine in your vehicle, you won’t need to replace it! Mt F-150 has about 182,000 miles on it, and still runs great.

      • UnkleC says:

        Absolutely. My 2008 Expedition only has 160k, uses no oil, starts good, and will tow anything I’m going to move. It was preceded by a couple of Explorers that racked up close to 500k, only needing minor repairs and proper maintenance. Hairy is comparing apples and kumquats again.

        • Professor hale says:

          Haha. Silly ford owner. 2003 4Runner, 330,000 miles. V8. Runs like new.

          • UnkleC says:

            Actually, Professor, gave first Exp to son to drive to university then sold when he took overseas job. Next one was replaced at 250k with a better tow vehicle, we were towing about 4~6k annually from MN to FL. Both trucks were going fine when moved to new owners, just didn’t need them. The 10k tow on the Expedition was an upgrade.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      How many people actually replace engines in automobiles.

      It is not a matter of IF but when you have to replace battery packs and Chevy, Ford, Dodge and the rest of the for profit corps buying Chinese batteries will be giving you CRAP.

      Much like the movie Armageddon where the crazy guy, Rockhound, says “You know we’re sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

      Ergo I present NOT TESLA BUT CHEVY VOLT and any other electric vehicle thrown at us in the next 1 0 years. IF we can afford it….WE DONT WANT IT!

  7. Dana says:

    The Keystone State will tax much, much more. While the state’s personal income tax rate is low, 3.07%, lower than even Kentucky’s 5.0%, the state, cities and counties nickel-and-dime you to death on everything else. Property taxes were the big killer, far higher than in the Bluegrass State, but tolls and fees and licenses for everything other than taking a dump, and that’s only because they couldn’t figure out a way to meter your poop.

    Fortunately, the state legislature is controlled by Republicans, so taxes might not be increased too much, but as more electric cars hit the roads, the more the states will want to find ways to tax that, and it’s my assumption that they’ll do it with a mileage tax.

    The question becomes: how will they meter your miles? I assume that they’ll be looking at some sort of GPS tracker, and selling that as somehow good for you, ’cause they can find stolen cars.

    Me? I’d be looking at a way to uninstall the GPS tracker!

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      Electronic everything in cars means they can actually keep tabs on you now. Hell, they can keep tabs on you via your Sirius Satellite Radio on the dashboard. Today’s cars can be shut off with a flip of a switch by anyone with half an ounce of electronic knowledge and can be rigged to kill you.

      Elon Musk is a dreamer when it comes to self-driving cars. The police will just wait until the bad guy(AS DEFINED BY THE FBI AND CIA AND LOCAL POLICE) gets in his car and then have it drive him to the police station while it locks his doors.

      1984 has to be the left’s favorite book. They are so dystopian and forward-looking that they believe by rewriting history they can force people to believe the new history they have imagined.

      Democrats used to be those who you could count on for individual freedom and freedom of speech. Remember the left’s HATRED of the PATRIOT ACT? Well, when Obama got in office they suddenly were darlings and champions of the Patriot act and we all wondered why.

      Now we know. It is used to keep track of CONSERVATIVES. Not Foreign terrorists as originally written after 911.

      I have a 1970 pickup in the garage with an Am/FM radio for the days ahead. Good luck everyone, you will need it if you sign your lives over to the world of Tesla. The guy is filling our skies with satellites(1000’s) eventually making it impossible to launch craft into space as more and more and more junk begins filling our low space orbit by Chinese, Russian, EU, NK, IRAN, America, and others.

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