Earth Spinning Faster Causes Climate Insanity, Er, Anxiety Or Something

CNN is very vexed with your Americans

Many Americans still don’t think climate change is coming for them

(a bunch of stupid stuff blaming Bad Weather on your carbon footprint)

A majority of Americans acknowledge that climate change is real and that humans contribute to it.

But a lot of people in eastern Kentucky might not know they’re feeling the effects of the climate crisis.

About half the country in 2021 — 47% — believed global warming would harm them personally, according to data gathered by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Maybe the majority do not because they know it’s a scam, especially with dumb stuff like this

The Earth spun faster than usual on June 29 and triggered climate anxiety — here’s how to cope

The Earth shaved 1.59 milliseconds off its rotation on June 29, 2022 and became the shortest day recorded since accurate daily measurements using atomic clocks first began in the 1960s.

The length of day is measured by how fast or slow the Earth is spinning, and data from recent years show that Earth is spinning faster than it ever has, according to scientists who study the Earth’s rotation.

Twenty eight of the shortest days ever recorded were in 2020, but June 29 and July 26 this year surpassed the shortest day in 2020. Simultaneously, days are mysteriously getting longer, according to scientists who wrote about it in Science Alert. It’s unclear what accounts for the change, but scientists have predictions about potential causes like changes in weather systems, major earthquakes, melting ice caps and more.

For many, these new findings — coupled with the severe heat we’ve been experiencing around the world and the extreme flooding in Kentucky and Missouri — are triggering feelings of climate anxiety.

See the climate cultists want to Blame this on the melting poles, because that’s never happened before, and, quite frankly we have no true measurements from during the previous Holocene warm and cool periods. But, it wouldn’t matter, because these people are nuts.

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One Response to “Earth Spinning Faster Causes Climate Insanity, Er, Anxiety Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    1.59 milliseconds! Clearly, we must raise taxes, ban all privately owned vehicles, except, of course, for our top government leaders, and set all air conditioners in private homes and offices — government offices would be excluded, of course — at 85º F, accept transgenderism as real, vaccinate everyone against monkeypox, and send more weapons to Ukraine!

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