Funny: Buses From Texas Carrying Illegals Arrive In NYC

The mayor of NYC is going to be even more unhappy. He supports the heck out of illegal immigration, as long as it’s not his city

Texas governor sends migrants to New York City as immigration standoff accelerates

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, said on Friday he has started to send buses carrying migrants to New York City in an effort to push responsibility for border crossers to Democratic mayors and U.S. President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

The first bus arrived early on Friday at the city’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan carrying around 50 migrants from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and Venezuela. Volunteers were helping to steer people who had no relatives in town to city resources.

“Most of them don’t have anybody to help. They don’t know where to go, so we’re taking them to shelters,” said one volunteer at the bus station, Evelin Zapata, from a group called Grannies Respond.

One family of four from Colombia, who ended up at a homeless intake center in the Bronx, were unsure of where they would spend the night. Byron and Leidy, both 28, said they left the country’s capital Bogota because they were having trouble finding work. They did not provide their last name.

“It’s a little easier to enter the country now, before it was very hard to come here with children,” said Leidy, who traveled with her kids Mariana, 7, and Nicolas, 13. She said the family had hoped someone they knew in New York would take them in, but that plan did not work out. “We came here because they said they would help us find a place to sleep to not have to stay in the street,” Leidy said.

Easier? You don’t say.

Abbott said New York City Mayor Eric Adams could provide services and housing for the new arrivals.

“I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,” Abbott said in a statement.

Let the progressives in NYC put their money where they’re mouths are.

Oh, and this one is hilarious

“With no plan for what came next.” I don’t think they really care, since Democrats were fine with unfettered illegal immigration in border towns

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8 Responses to “Funny: Buses From Texas Carrying Illegals Arrive In NYC”

  1. alanstorm says:

    “With no plan for what came next.”

    So what’s NPR’s problem? The governors in question are taking the same tack as the feds?

    They have ZERO standing to complain.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I don’t get it. These leftists have been encouraging this for years as long as it wasn’t in their back yard. Now suddenly it’s all horrible and something has to be done.

    Pedo joe has been doing this his entire fake tenure but NOE there’s a problem? It is okay for the pedo to illegally bring in ILLEGAL ALIENS to Texas which in a sane republic would get his pervert criminal ass impeached for dereliction of duty but for some reason democommies and republicans alike act as if nothing illegal is happening. Then when a governor makes his own unilateral “sanctuary state” move all hell breaks loose. I say screw’em. Send illegals to every leftist rich area in America and let those lousy lying grifters deal with their own shit.

    The democrats do the the same thing in all our major cities. They create policies that get other people killed and then turn a blind eye. They truly are the most evil party since the Nazis.


  3. […] God bless Governor Abbott! God bless him for making leftists choose between rank hypocrisy, and actually embracing illegal aliens pouring into their cities. Pirates Cove has more! […]

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mx Teach inadvertently cited where NYC and DC leaders were objecting.

    Also, Mx Teach completely misread the Abel Nunez tweet promising to help the migrants.

    L.G. Brandon typed: They (Democrats) truly are the most evil party since the Nazis.

    Little Genitals feels Democrats today are more evil than the movements of Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, Kim, Islamism, Wokism, tRumpism, Chavez and Xi, etc.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dearest Elwood:

      Today the difference is in magnitude and implementation.

      Not in intent.

    • alanstorm says:

      Mx Teach inadvertently cited where NYC and DC leaders were objecting.

      What’s your point, child? These are people who LOVE illegals, at least as long as they stay near the border. IIRC, they are both “sanctuary cities as well.

      ZERO standing to complain.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        What’s YOUR point, toddler?

        I mistyped! Mx Teach inadvertently FAILED to cite where the leaders were complaining!

        The officials are asking for aid, a right that Texan and Arizonan leaders also have. Our immigration system is in tatters, thanks to our federal officials. The border is just one of the issues. Legal immigration is also a horrid mess.

        We all know what Texas governor Abbott is. A pander bear.

  5. UnkleC says:

    Release the (Grey)Hounds, send another pack north.

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