Hotcoldwetdry Is A Retirement Management Risk Or Something

Hmm, look, a new angle of attack from the Cult of Climastrology

Climate Change Is Emerging As A Mainstream Retirement Issue

You’d have to be Rip Van Winkle to be unaware of the suffering and costs from this summer’s heat waves, wildfires, and severe weather events. Fortunately, the financial and retirement industries are galvanizing to help address and mitigate the financial and health consequences for everybody—and seniors and retirees are particularly vulnerable.

Consider these conclusions from diverse and respected sources warning of the risk of climate change

“Climate Change and You” was the cover story of the June 2021 issue of the AARP Bulletin. It summarized the challenges that climate change poses for older Americans and shared tips for protecting their lives and finances. The Bulletin is read by more than 30 million people and is in the top two of readership in the U.S. along with its sister publication, AARP Magazine.

“Climate risk is investment risk” was a large heading in Larry Fink’s 2022 letter to CEOs of Blackrock clients. He is the CEO of Blackrock, the world’s largest investment management firm with more than $10 trillion in assets under management, including the nation’s largest 401(k) plans. His letter goes on to say that cities and countries that don’t plan for a carbon-free future risked being left behind.

And more. We can fix this with a tax, you know. And giving up your liberty, freedom, and life choices.

What can you do?

It might be natural to wonder what seniors and retirees can do about these disturbing conclusions. Well, there’s a lot you can do. You can investigate how to adapt your life to climate risks and severe weather events with respect to your home, community, transportation, nutrition, and buying habits. You can review your investments and financial resources to determine if you need to reposition your finances to be more resilient to climate change. And some of you might pursue activism to help your children and grandchildren inherit a better world.

Hmm, things people have always done? Because severe weather has always been around. But, yes, you do have to be concerned with your investments, because unhinged cult companies like Blackrock will screw around with investments, and the government is going to do things that mess them up, as well. Of course, the people running places like Blackrock, the unlected bureaucrats who create all these rules, and the lawmakers making the laws, are refusing to practice what they preach.

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9 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Is A Retirement Management Risk Or Something”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    This is what happens when Pedos run the country and appoint idiots to positions they’re unqualified for other than by being queer, female, binary, negroes.

    You should her explanation of AGW. It rivals Dowds nonsense.


  2. Jl says:

    Another example of the cult’s settled science. Add this to the false polar bear scare.

  3. Hairy says:

    Usually climate change occurs at glacial speeds not decades
    Yes Teach it eas much hotter in the past 1000+ F 3 billion years ago
    What is causing the current changes in Temps?
    Your former go to guy for AGW denial Roy Spenser now days that al.ost all of the increase in Temps in last 35 years was caused by man
    Why do you think the Earth is warming?

    • James Lewis says:

      No Harry, that’s not what he wrote. He wrote:

      ” I still …..provisionally side…. with the view that warming has been mostly human-caused (and this says nothing about whether the level of human-caused warming is in any way alarming).

      Provisionally – “subject to further confirmation; for the time being.”

      Your inaccurate totally changes the meaning of what he wrote. Immediately after that he wrote:

      “But here’s why human causation is mostly a statement of faith…


      I repeat: NONE of the natural, global-average energy flows in the climate system are known to better than about 5-10 Watts per sq. meter…compared to the ocean warming-based imbalance of 1 Watt per sq. meter.

      What this means is that recent warming could be mostly natural…and we would never know it.

      But, climate scientists simply assume that the climate system has been in perfect, long-term harmonious balance, if not for humans. This is a pervasive, quasi-religious assumption of the Earth science community for as long as I can remember.”

      Hairy, you need to remember assume is spelled …. ass u me.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-is your memory fading or do you have selective retention disease? Your questions have been answered many times. In science, an alternate explanation isn’t needed, though in this case there are several. As I’ve explained numerous times, it’s sorta like a criminal trial. The defense is under no obligation to prove who did commit the crime, their only job is to prove it wasn’t their client. The climate has changed much faster several times earlier in the Holocene. And, there are several other theories on warming.

    • david7134 says:

      Wrong. All ice ages are preceded by a rapid INCREASE in temp before the onset of cold. Plus, we do not have to give a reason for anything, you do. But I will tell you this, sun activity, not your precious sun spots, will lead to global cooling in 2030.

  4. Hairy says:

    Of course for people over 50 I can see how climate change will not seriously impact their lives and if they are narcisstic can give climate change little thought or concern.

    How many posters here are still under 50?

    • Jl says:

      John-what are the detrimental effects of your climate change and the what’s the evidence to support your assertions? Please show your math…

  5. James Lewis says:

    Yeah Harry…

    That’s why we went to cold wars and hot wars… why we sent our children to the best k-12 schools we could find and stripped ourselves of “fun funds” to get them through college…

    Yes Harry, we sacrificed because we didn’t give a shit about the future.

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