UK Companies Will Comply With Climate Cult Or “Face Action”

Let’s start here

University of Idaho researchers studying insights on climate change skepticism

Climate change and the human impact of that can be a divisive topic. Although the scientific community agrees overwhelmingly that human activity is impacting dangerous climate change, there will always be skeptics.

University of Idaho researchers Dilshani Sarathchandra and Kristin Haltinner interviewed climate change skeptics across the Northwest to find out more about their beliefs; they found three main reasons for skepticism. The first, conspiracy theories.

“People have this perception that some international body is seeking to acquire money and power through climate change. A second grounding is in religion.” Haltinner said. “A perspective that God created Earth for us to use and therefore, wouldn’t make it possible for us to ruin God’s creation. And, humans are arrogant to even think we could influence God’s creation. And then a third group of people really had a distrust in science. They perceived scientific research as biased in bias towards believing in climate change, having incentives that might sway scientists.”

They aren’t really researchers, because this is simply asking a few people their opinions. Also, they are massive believers in anthropogenic climate change, so, they are not running an unbiased inquiry. Third, what’s that part about money and power?

UK companies to comply with climate change agenda or face ‘action’, says watchdog groups

Some of Britain’s top listed companies could be downplaying risks from climate change on their bottom line and could face “appropriate action”, regulators said on Friday.

Trillions of dollars have flowed into stocks and bonds of companies which tout their environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, leaving regulators worried about “greenwashing” or companies flattering their green profile to attract investments.

Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange’s premium market have been required since 2021 to make climate-related disclosures to investors in line with the global Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) – or to explain why they have not. (snip)

As a first step, regulators are likely to ask some companies why some disclosures were missing or too vague, or why they were stressing opportunities from climate change but giving little detail on risks to the business.

If companies deliberately mislead investors that would be a breach of conduct rules and could result in fines in future, people with knowledge of the matter say.

So, comply or be punished. The government will come after you. America has freedom of religion in our 1st Amendment as the very first thing mentioned, because of the influence of the Church of England over the government. Britain has now switched to the Cult of Climastrology running policy. And, it’s all about power. They now have power over the economic sector, and can punish companies for failing to sufficiently worship the cult beliefs.

As for the research, yes, it has almost nothing to do with science. I’ve said time and time again, for the sake of argument, let’s say the slight increase in global temperatures is mostly/solely caused by Mankind: why does almost every policy revolve around more government power, more taxes and fees, and a continuous loss of freedom, liberty, and life choices?

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5 Responses to “UK Companies Will Comply With Climate Cult Or “Face Action””

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach is easily triggered about his loss of “freedoms”
    They took the lead out of his gasoline and took away his beloved incandescent light bulbs. Mandatory recycling!!! Soon life will not be even worth living
    Skyrocketing electricity prices (2% per year over 25years) caused by those windmills that cause cancer, obesity and hair loss.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Your sarcasm, lack of empathy and shear condescension are the usual fair of the “I’m better than you are” class of stupid elitists that seem to have taken over once open minds.

      All true Americans should be triggered by any loss of Freedom (no quotes because Freedom is an actual thing). Freedom is the bedrock of our nation and any time it is challenged it should be scrutinized for reason, soundness and unintended consequences. Neither you nor you “experts” (in quotes because very few are experts at climate science).

      Similarly these so called experts income is tied to agreeing with the government. Just like all the “experts” who were wrong about Wuhan flu they are PAID to foster the narrative. Once one steps out of the groups PAID to agree there is ver little support for man made global warming.

      There used to be a time when science was skeptical but now its bee bought and paid for. And when all the lies don’t work, you change the definitions.

      How any rational person can believe in a cult that has not made ONE correct prediction in a hundred years of stupid predictions escapes me. Even a moron would have to call the shot on the nose at least once. So you all are less than morons.

      Now as we try and feed our families is no time to piss away money on another democrat money laundering scam. The Putin recession along with the Putin inflation has us all in a bind. Stop wasting money to buy votes from morons.


      • Dana says:

        Remember: the Hirsute One has already told us that, despite his constant support for plug-in electric vehicles, he’s not going to buy one for himself.

        His reasoning? Well, he’s elderly, and plans on driving his current vehicle until he goes to his eternal reward. That’s logic I can certainly understand; I’m hoping to keep my 2010 Ford F-150 until I croak as well.

        But I’m not touting plug-in electric vehicles to save Mother Gaia, and the Hirsute One is. He is taking a personal decision, to benefit his own economic standing, not to get rid of his greenhouse gas belching fossil-fueled car to buy a Chevy Dolt.

        Not only that; there’s more he needs to do. Remember “cash for clunkers,” the 2009-10 program which provided a government incentive to buy new cars rated at over 21 miles per gallon? Rather than allow the traded in older vehicles to go back out into the used car market, the engines had to be destroyed. Well, not only does the Hirsute One need to buy a Tesla, but he also needs to not trade in his current vehicle, but destroy the engine, so it can never be used again to belch pollutants into the atmosphere. After that, he can have the remainder of the car towed to a junkyard, where people can use it for non-engine parts.

        Oh, wait, that’s not a good idea, either: if people can use it for non-engine parts, that could still help keep other gasoline-powered vehicles on the road longer, further wounding Mother Gaia. Better just take the whole thing to a recycling center, and have it crushed and reduced simply to recyclable matel.

  2. Sarah says:

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  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach typed: comply or be punished

    Put another way, Obey the law or pay the price…

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