Hot Take: The Supreme Court Is Out Of Order For Requiring All Illegals Be Treated The Same

This is a cute little piece from the NY Daily News editorial board, which misses a rather important point, namely, that Biden’s version of implementing priority enforcement completely blows off deportation of most illegals

Supremely out of order: Supreme Court order on ICE guidelines violates tradition

illegal alien DemocratIn the span of a month, the Supreme Court overturned a half-century-old abortion right, knocked down a century-old New York concealed firearm carry law, made it much harder to hold law enforcement accountable for constitutional violations, frustrated the EPA’s ability to regulate emissions and eroded the wall between church and state, a series of activist rulings in the name of constitutional conservatism.

Yet our highest court exercises its power in other ways, primarily through procedural orders. Last week, in a 5-4 decision largely along ideological lines (Justice Amy Coney Barrett broke from her usual bloc, joining Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson), the court refused to stay a lower court injunction that had prevented the Biden administration from enacting ICE enforcement guidelines issued last year. The court said it would hear the merits of the case at the end of this year.

This leaves in place an untenable situation: A single federal district judge in Texas is forcing the entire federal immigration enforcement efforts nationwide to have absolutely no prioritization whatsoever. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security had sanely sought to concentrate its energies on detention of recent border crossers and those posing a threat to public safety or national security. The judge thwarted that policy choice, which means now a hardworking undocumented mother raising her U.S.-born kids in Queens must be targeted exactly the same as an admitted terrorism supporter or child sexual offender.

First of all, the same Leftists didn’t care when Trump was in office and a single federal judge from (insert leftist state) was jamming up the works, say, with travel bans from terrorist nations. They were cool with allowing terrorists in if it thwarted Trump, right? Going after the bad guys and gals is fine as a priority as long as the others who aren’t isn’t ignored, because they’re all in violation of U.S. federal law. That hardworking illegal alien mother shouldn’t be here in the first place

Every single law enforcement agency in the history of the United States — local, state and federal — exercises discretion daily. The government does not have the resources to go after the 11 million undocumented people in communities around the country, and even if it did, doing so would cause us social, economic and moral ruin.

Well, how about shutting the border down as much as possible? Regardless, when government agencies learn about an illegal, they need to place them in deportation hearings. They need to investigate if this person is breaking other laws, such as identity theft, which can significantly impact actual Americans. Under Biden’s policy, the average illegal is simply ignored. Law enforcement is almost barred from going after them. And, it’s not like they’re doing a great job in getting the really bad ones, since the border is wide open and more and more come in.

Here’s the biggest thing: the Supreme Court is tasked with upholding the Constitution, and whether laws are Constitutional: prioritized enforcement as stated by Biden’s order is not.

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