Good News: Wuhan Flu Will Be With Us Forever, Says White House

If that’s the case, perhaps the Executive Branch could do their f’ing job and figure out where it came from, exactly, and tell the Citizens, rather than protecting China

COVID-19 ‘is going to be with us forever,’ White House says

White House pandemic response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha delivered a grim message on Friday about the ever-evolving coronavirus pathogen that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates has infected more than 140 million Americans, including President Biden.

“This virus is going to be with us forever,” Jha said during a press briefing otherwise devoted to an update on the president’s health. “It’s really, really important that people build up their immunity against this virus,” he added, emphasizing that vaccination is the best means of doing so.

It was a bracing reminder that any hopes of fully eradicating the coronavirus are long gone. And while many Americans have sought a return to normal life, the coronavirus continues to cause economic and social disruptions.

Uh huh

Video of Biden Saying Vaccinations Prevent COVID Resurfaces After Infection

Biden Brain SuckerVideo of President Joe Biden assuring Americans exactly one year ago that they would not get COVID-19 if they are vaccinated resurfaced Thursday after the commander in chief tested positive for the novel coronavirus. (snip)

Critics of the president and skeptics of the vaccine quickly resurfaced previous remarks he made claiming that those who are vaccinated will not get COVID-19. Exactly one year ago on July 21, 2021, during a CNN Town Hall, Biden asserted: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

“It was one year ago today that Biden said this quote: ‘You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations,'” Greg Price, a right-wing digital strategist, tweeted, sharing a clip of Biden at the Town Hall.

Political commentator and OutKick founder Clay Travis tweeted the video as well. “Last July Joe Biden on @cnn ‘You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations.’ Biden has now had FOUR covid shots and still got it,” Travis wrote.

As Snopes noted on this, Brandon vastly overstated the effectiveness of the COVID shots. Even back in July of last year we were learning about lots of breakthrough cases and that the vax was more about keeping your from getting the real bad Wuhan flu symptoms. It would usually mean your symptoms wouldn’t be that bad.

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3 Responses to “Good News: Wuhan Flu Will Be With Us Forever, Says White House”

  1. Dana says:

    If even the White House admits that COVID-19 will be with us forever, and government officials admitted, last January, there are no longer any justifications for mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or vaccine passports. It can be argued that vaccination helps reduce the symptoms of the disease, but at that point it has become an individual choice — are you willing to risk more severe symptoms? — rather than anything which can affect other people.

    • James Lewis says:

      The difficult part is that the disease kills the elderly, the obese and those with secondary diseases.. And even with the current vaccines their immunization can become weak leading to infection and death.

      Now, it is known that the vaccines do prevent infection for a undefined, but significant, period of time. This has slowed the spread. And by reducing the spread it has saved lives, especially in the afore mentioned group.

      A secondary benefit is that by reducing the spread the mutation rate slows.

      So the question becomes, are we truly our brothers keepers? Should the young and healthy, who have almost no risk from the disease, vaccinate themselves? Should they be vaccinated and help, even though there is a very low risk to themselves?

  2. Dana says:

    I do remember how gleeful the left were when President Trump contracted the virus, something which happened before the vaccines were available, and many hoped that he’d go early to his eternal reward. Where are those leftists today? Why aren’t they excoriating President Biden for not being masked 127% of the time, now that he’d contracted the virus?

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